Category Topics

Main & Discussions

This category is dedicated to all-around discussions after the initial random chats on Discord. Prior to making a proposal in the corresponding category, initial forum sentiment should be gauged by posting your ideas and counter-arguments.

Assets & Risk Reports

This category is dedicated to research on protocol health and its collaterals, any events related to the technical and economics risks in Gearbox Protocol (current or hypothetical), and so on.


This category is dedicated to concrete proposals which are then brought forward for snapshot voting as final. Proposals should be posted only after initial Discord chats, and General discussion on forum. Proposals are pretty much final GIP-s which are serious and are put forward as sentiment check.

Legal & Foundation

Gearbox Foundation has been established by GEAR DAO token holders in GIP-34. Gearbox Foundation does not control the protocol or its parameters, nor the funds in the DAO treasury - instead, it acts under GEAR DAO governance (which is ruled by token governance) and is able to execute some real-world needs the DAO needs as long as they are legally or conceptually possible.