Agenda for Gearbox Community call 27 Dec

Tomorrow, community call is planned. Let’s discuss here the agenda for it.

My suggestions:

  1. DAO operations:
  • onboarding new contributors
  • roles and directions of activities
  • backlog / ideas
  • DAO coordination tools
  1. Tokenomics
  • token model
  • LM programs
  • transferability of token
  1. Airdrop for Discord users / early testers

  2. Integrations / management of Allowed Contracts and Tokens list


What does contributors mean,any standard or proof to list some guys those to be voted to become a contributor?

Just a small suggestion, that it would be helpful for contributors to summarize what has been happening with Gearbox recently, what issues they are working on now, and what they view as the next priorities. Maybe this is what you meant by “backlog / ideas”, but I wasn’t completely sure.

This will give those who have not kept up with all the discussion in the past week (like me) a better understanding of what the current status is and will help attract new contributors to the areas where they are needed.


I see both were added to the list, perfect! Thanks ser

I am very happy and honored to join gearbox’s dao, I will do my best to help the community grow, my name is linyike#1095