AmpliFi & CRE8R DAOs Proposal Building on The Gearbox Referral Program

CRE8R DAO has incubated AmpliFi - A DAO focused on building custom KPI based referral programs for DeFi/Web3.

AmpliFi DAO is about to go live with a referral program we built on top of GMXs existing program (see demo below). We would love to do the something similar with Gearbox.

Demo Link (WIP):

On top of implementing the program on the AmpliFi platform CRE8R DAO & AmpliFi DAO members will submit the same request form to get a ref link as anyone else.

These links are given at the discretion of Gearbox DAO.

Alongside applying for the referral program CRE8R & AmpliFi DAO members will all be encouraged to participate in the Gearbox Vibes Program earning Vibes points & a performance based reward could be offered based on results in that program being attributed to Gearheads that also identify as CRE8R/AmpliFi DAO members.

Operational matters

Any existing or new approved ref link holder will be able to opt in to earn the same rewards as in the existing program plus the rewards outlined in the demo (link above).

The process for those that already have a gearbox ref link would be as simple as signing a message in the AmpliFi app opting in to earn extra rewards. In that case the ref link itself does not need to change. New potential KOLs would be able to fill a short from for processing by Gearbox DAO with an optional opt in to earn extra $AGG.

Essentially this means those that are interested in AmpliFi can give it a try without much fuss and those that are not can continue to operate in the existing referral program as well.

All payouts other than $LAGG & Instigators NFT are handled by Gearbox DAO. AmpliFi DAO does not take a cut of promoter earnings.

AmpliFi DAO receives ~25,000 GEAR per 1m Liquidity provided over 6 months via our ref links.

100% of GEAR tokens earned throughout the lifetime of the program are distributed to $AGG/LP stakers & $LAGG (Locked $AGG veCRV style).

$AGG Allocation towards Gearbox Referral Program

2% Of total $AGG available for KPI based rewards over the first 6 months of the Gearbox referral program.

Liquidity providers & promoters earn $LAGG (1 Year Locked (veCRV contracts) Revenue Earning $AGG) 50/50

Total $AGG available for program = 3% Total $AGG supply

$AGG Tribute to the Gearheads

Up to 1% of liquid $AGG to be transferred to Gearbox DAO multisig based on percent of total verified promoters using AmpliFi links

100% = 1%
0% = 0%

Thanks for your consideration we want to work with cutting edge DeFi protocols & would be honoured to implement this program working closely with Gearbox DAO to ensure everything is on point.

What’s in it for CRE8R & AmpliFi DAOs aside from the $GEAR?

We get to work with what we consider to be a DAO on the cutting edge of DeFi. And help create content around & promote something that we can be proud of.

We get another awesome protocol added to AmpliFi - it’s a new platform & we really want to become known for working with quality projects and attract quality content creators, publishers etc on to the platform.