Community Pre-Contribution Proposal. PART 2

Aelin has secured some raises recently. I think this is the way to do raises now within the defi community.

Please reach out.

This seems unsafe, un-KYC-ed money “raised” is a red flag. If there is a different framework community members can suggest - maybe someone in the DAO can execute. But I don’t see personally the benefit or the safety of Aelin, because vesting contracts with defillama are trivial to deploy anyway. Idk imho.

Hello, I agree with the KYC and it seems to me that this is quite a common procedure. I can offer these three companies for cooperation:

The only negative that I see is that you will have to pay money for it. Since the project would not want to spend money from scratch, I agree that the documents are checked, for example, by someone from the team or Ivan personally. If there are 20-30 of us in total, then it will not be difficult to do it manually.

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This is SUPER risky, I don’t wanna deal w personal data of people or money raising :frowning: That’s the issue. Nobody personally likely wants to takes this burned, it has to be presented to the DAO kinda. I am not even a beneficiary of these funds (not do I ever want to be) nor am I in charge of any of those things.


We’re technically pass the deadline but given we’re in holiday season and there’s still a discussion around details of the fund rise I would like to express my interest in participating with $15,000.