Delegate List - Apply

Thanks to the initiative by overqualified previously here.

I have standardized the process (hopefully). You can find all the details here:

Just to make sure it’s clear - comment below if you want to be a Delegate with your strategy / experience. Basically, some message in the topic of overqualified are a good example. Or see monetsupply messages / Lefteris / other large governance members in other DAOs.

And fill in this form after you do it:

LFG! Big moves are coming up… We need to hit quorums efficiently!

PS: those spamming blabla and wishing a good journey to the protocol - well, thanks, but don’t dilute and pollute this topic with random stuff. There is Discord for that. For example, interesting governance discussions can be held there. Absolutely random messages on forum shall be a mute.


Interact with community members or token holders as much as possible to help them understand the dynamics of the DAO, encourage them to participate more in community governance, and actively propose governance proposals. At the same time, it is necessary to screen out some invalid or malicious proposals to improve the efficiency and quality of proposals.


Of course! That’s what is being done, all the resources are open. Not sure what is the context for your message in this thread? Please keep it on-point, random things can be discussed on Discord.


Very happy to see this situation, which means that the gearbox is about to go on the right track


It is hoped that the community can develop a knowledge channel to educate new and old members about DEFI. For example, how to use some strategies on Gearbox to earn some passive revenue. And hosted interactive events for the community to deepen members’ understanding of Gearbox’s application.


Hello - my governance strategy generally revolves around a lot of DAO communication, which is especially important when bridging the gap between technical contributors and non technical contributors/voters. I think proposals are largely used for two scenarios:

  1. the DAO has discussed something and it seems the active members have come to a widely accepted conclusion on what needs to happen, so they propose a single outcome and put it to vote.
  2. the DAO has discussed and narrowed down to a few options that do not have a consensus, and therefore needs a vote to determine what the community actually wants to do.

The common theme is that a lot of internal community discussion needs to happen with active members before something is brought to governance. This also means if you want to participate in governance and have your voice heard beyond the size of your vote, you need to join discussions before they are put to vote!

I’ve also helped write some gearbox proposals (including upcoming credit limit raises and tokenomics launch), and would like to be a delegate so that I can launch these proposals when ready. Additionally, I’ve writen some Alchemix proposal and run the bizdev / governance subdao there, which keeps me pretty in-tune to the DeFi landscape.

I also currently have around 2m gear already delegated to me (which is enough to write proposals)

I’d encourage anyone looking to delegate to narrow down to a few candidates and then perhaps delegate to whoever the least-delegated candidate is in that list, to keep the power of the DAO from getting too concentrated.



Thank you so much, gearbox has given me hope, and I really want to be the administrator of the gearbox, and I will represent the interests of the most common users!


Hello guys. I am an active DAO member, moderator and community manager of the Russian speaking region. I try to help everyone who is interested in the principles of DAO and management. I summarize what is happening in the project and broadcast it on a regional channel. My governance strategy is to form a common opinion in the region. Follow-up discussion with key stakeholders and debriefing. I would call this the summary solution. You do not have to participate in all discussions, you can only enter into a dialogue if something excites you.

Besides GearBox DAO, I’m a Delos HQ multi-signature member at Saddle Finance (community development), a member of the Hubbleverse DAO. Moderator and Community Manager at Axelar, ZenLink, Station Zero-X. I actively help projects develop and also try to learn myself.

you can also see me on twitter:
my discord: nikitakle#4627


Hello everyone,

I’m an active member of the gearbox risk committee, early participant and discord moderator.
My main focus of interest is protocol risk safety. I made reports with protocol information that updates a few times a day, so everyone can see their position as a part of the whole scope and compare themselves with others and observe protocol health nearly online.
As discord moderator, monitoring channels and deleting spam/scams.
Apart from that, I specifically look after #support-questions and #bug-reporting channels to address community members’ questions and raise bugs to the dev team.

My governance strategy as a community delegate will be risk-oriented.


[Hi, My name is John Boone. I will be the first Human on mars in 2042 (see the mars trilogy from Robinson).
I am Degenscore citadel member. My interest in governance is to improve it by making it more deliberative: Goign from collected intelligence to collective intelligence. From swarm intelligence to ape intelligence (ok, this one is questionable). I have long experience in crypto (one bera market …) and very logn experience in deliberative governance (12+ years, 1000 citizens’ dialogues and comparable in 120+ countries of the world). So let me in to make governance great again :slight_smile:

Hi All,

I’m Adam and currently working as Chinese community support and is also interested in getting more involved in more concrete tasks like risk analysis and some dev jobs. IRL I’m a Ph.D. student working on bioinformatics (as I’m CS background, I’m more focused on building tools, models, and algorithms that could be applied to biological data), so I have a more technical background and could understand the impact of proposals quickly and explain to community members. I will vote mainly based on the voices from the Chinese community and try to be a bridge and break the barrier of language.


Twitter: @yhnyuu
Telegram: @hahaschool
Discord: hahaschool#0933


Hey all,

I am Gus.

I am not at all active in the gearbox discord nor the forum, but keep an eye on them both. I am fairly familiar with the protocol from a layman pov. Will obviously be more involved if a delegate.

My biggest offering and strategy with regards governance will be to question things. I think many simply go along with votes without much thought, and that this is one of the more dangerous aspects of governance. I will potentially be rather annoying, but in good faith.

I have been heavily involved in crypto the last few years, and am a member of Degenscore Citadel, Honey DAO, and a few other things.

All your vote are belong to us.

I am @gussulliman on twitter dot com and telegram and mostly shit post and troll.

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Hello all,

I am BY. Actually, I am not an OG in Gearbox, I think it’s because I didn’t get the test code.
For now, I am quite active in Gearbox discord, especially in #dev-docs #developers #dev-contracts channels.
Also, I am working on the dev docs of Gearbox. Hopefully will do more dev contributions in the future.
For the discord, I will mainly focus on answering dev related/adapter related questions.
Yeah, I also enjoy doing gov.


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I’m a governance beast that’s my strategy :upside_down_face:

I want to apply and contribute. I will represent everyone!

Hi everyone. Xiaona here. Self-introduction first:
I am one of the early testers, and bag holder (from credit account mining);
I am a content creator and YouTuber focusing DeFi / web3.
Regarding community building, I have two pieces in my mind:

  1. collab with more protocols
  2. gain more users with the suitable educational content
    My contribution will be focused mainly on 2).
    Educational content should not be only about protocol walk-through.
    Some specific strategies are needed. Help users to leverage Gearbox make money or get the knowledge to make money.
    Very excited to see we are entering to the next stage.

Hello I’m nicoholo. I have been active in the Gearbox Chinese community(as an early community contributor, actually not mod) since I joined Gearbox’s test last November. and also suggested ivan to set up a Chinese channel.

In addition to helping fresh man who just join in our community to understand the Gearbox protocol, also finished some Chinese translation work, meeting summary, and promotion for Gearbox on twitter.

My main governance strategy:

1. Proposal: we all know that many Defi fans in the Chinese community are very interested in Gearbox, and hope Gearbox can develop better in the future, so we need to extract some ideas for future development(such as token economics, marketing collab…), and then initiate a proposal.

2. Vote : Create one wechat group for Chinese community, notify everyone in the community in time when Gearbox has major updates and proposals, so that everyone can participate in the discussion, and decide which proposal is closest to our own thoughts.

Gearbox Dao governance is the first and very important step in the growing of Gearbox Protocol. Hope we can do our best to contribute to Gearbox together.

And here is my twitter:


Hi sers,

I am mugglesect, my governance strategy is largely composed of 3 things

  1. Active participation, not just for the proposal but for the larger understanding of what the DAO wants to achieve and deliver
  2. Communicating, inclusion: Involve people, get various opinions and ideas in, see what people feel about them, find a common ground and let people choose what they prefer before they are put up for a proposal
  3. Research, quantify and verify: Understand the implications of said proposal, find out if done before and map results, quantify the impact(if possible) it’ll have on our protocol and include projected results for discussion and then put the proposal up for a vote.

The above steps enable me to take a decision that’s not just confined to my thought process but includes the opinions of various members who put in their view, being an active member enables me to evaluate further the long term impact of the proposals being put forward and quantification of the same helps me finalise on the impact and how we should proceed with the specifications of the proposals. The entire process enables a well evaluated decision to vote for a certain option or proposal

My previous documents for proposals(Referral mechanism, non-increment in minimum limits, revenue model and V2 marketing plan) are all based on the same thought process and have helped streamline the conversations around the same. Being delegated $GEAR will enable me to propose these proposals and put them into action as well.

Apart from this, being involved with LobsterDAO enables me to keep up and understand DeFi better as well as keep a track of new innovations that happen, while my professional experience as a revenue manager and then senior brand manager with Lay’s and then Quaker with PepsiCo managing a portfolio between 150-200m$ enables me to take and make sense of business decisions.

I’d suggest choosing a few delegators from various categories ie devs, defi people, HR, business orgs and marketing people and delegate across them to ensure that the DAO has enough delegates that are SMEs across functions. We should further ideally try to have at least a couple of delegates across these to ensure there’s no concentration of voting power but everyone’s voice is still heard


Sup peeps!

DAO is something new to me but i see and understand its principles from within! Power to the ppl! And i absolutely love this approach.

Since the main objective of a DAO is to create and deliver value and to run “without any human involvement under the control of an incorruptible set of business rules” – I think it becomes utmost important to provide transparency to the DAO’s principles of Gearbox. And to eliminate “variations of shades and purity” and make it a trustworthy organization.

Getting governance and DAO to do its job is not easy! So you’ll need to think about the various parts that make up governance, whether or not stakeholders are involved actively (e.g. voting, managing, creating rules, checking rules, decision-making, reporting, regulations), or passively (e.g. feeling empowered, valued, respected, fairly compensated). Regardless, transparency in governance must prevail.

Both active and passive types of governance could and would play a significant role in the success of a DAO. And for such an organization to actually become or evolve to a proper DAO i guess it is very important to consider the following paths or aspects where each subsequent stage builds on the functions of the previous one:

  • Participative – users voluntarily and independently participate in loose tasks.
  • Collaborative – users collaborate and add value towards common goals or objectives.
  • Co-operative – users expects some shared gains to be returned.
  • Distributed – starts the propagation of these functions by multiplying them across a wider net.
  • Decentralized – further scalability is reached by instilling more powers to the edges.
  • Autonomous – autonomous agents, smart programs, and (later) increased levels of artificial intelligence and AI algorithms will provide self-sustainability in operations and value creation at the centers, edges and arteries of an organization.

Apart from that to define its path to success and trust, i guess it would make sense for Gearbox to collaborate and engage with active members of existing top-tier DAOs like Uni / Mkr / Bit to see what they got to say upon the pros and cons of governance in a DAO. Learn from the best!

I took some quotes from a couple of articles xD But i guess it perfectly sums up the core principles and values of a DAO and what it takes to become one!



Forgive me if it’s a bit pathetic, but not only derivatives are important. I absolutely love Gearbox)

I have been in the market for 5 years and have been following how we are slowly but surely moving towards real decentralization. I admire the ideas of democracy and I want to be part of the movement, I want to help develop the idea of ​​DAO, which should later be accepted not only in startups and technology projects but also in public life.

I will be honored to be a delegate, to be an important member of the democratic community, to move together towards a more equal future from technology, trading to society and the world.

My risk experience is successful years of crypto trading and poker. My governance strategy experience is years of management and efficiency.

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