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If you are acting as or would like to act as a delegate, please post a little bit about yourself here, as well as your address for delegation. I’d ask that if you don’t want to be a delegate you don’t post here to keep things organized.

Delegation is a common tool to help voters avoid getting fatigued (not enough time to keep up with proposals, therefore they choose not to vote or miss votes). Additionally, delegation is necessary for anyone outside of the ex-core and early contributors to hold the 2m $gear voting power to create a proposal.

If you’d like some more information about delegation, here’s a helpful post from IndexCoop (it was written for their DAO, but the information applies to snapshot delegation in general).


Address: overkoalafied.eth

I’m part of a group (semi-jokingly called Smooth Brain Capital) that came over from the Alchemix community. Many of us are contributors to Alchemix in various ways, as well as some other Defi protocols. I plan to be active in gearbox - mostly through helping new users and contributing to governance discussions.

The ex-core team at Gearbox is fantastic and the lineup of multi-signers and early contributors they have put together is nothing short of impressive - so I expect I will often be voting in alignment with them. However, as a delegate, I would also potentially be able to take some weight off their shoulders by writing proposals for them after initial discussions have occurred. Additionally, having delegates beyond the ex-core/early contributors strengthens the ethos of decentralization.

I believe proposals work well when begun as an informal discussion, sometimes brought to an unofficial forum post, and then released as an official proposal - to give the most voices a chance to chime in.

Looking forward to governing with you all!


I can only add that ov3rkoalafied is really one of the most active and helping members of our community in discord literally from the first days.

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Address: 0x26D863eEF3B7302dCfeaEADea3A550bFC1fbF923

I’m a crypto shrimp since early 2017, a former miner and trader, now a DeFi degen. I’ve been interested in DeFi well before “The DeFi Summer”. I’m at Lobster DAO, Aladdin DAO, Ampleforth – and now at Gearbox.

My credo, the general principles I use to evaluate governance proposals:

  • Gearbox is a unique project, a fresh word in DeFi. It can become a huge success, a cornerstone of a new infrastructure;
  • The mission of Gearbox DAO is to develop Gearbox the best way possible.

Since I’m only a coding hobbyist with a decade of professional experience in finance (accounting/banking/trading), I’m more for the moneys than for the tech:

  • The DAO must ensure the project generates sustainable profit in the long run;
  • The main profit comes from protocol operation (fees, etc.) and “risk-less” investments of the treasury funds;
  • Appreciation of GEAR token is desirable, but not a top priority.
  • GEAR is not a speculative token, primarily it’s a governance token which represents a share in Gearbox protocol, and must be treated as such.

Even though I’m in crypto for quite some time already, I’m still a shrimp, not a whale. I stand for democracy and decentralization, even if they may be not the easiest or the most effective solutions:

  • GEAR is a governance token to rule Gearbox, so it must be handled responsibly, it’s especially important not to let GEAR become a yet another P&D shitcoin;
  • Decision making (= GEAR) should be spread as wide as possible, preferably among the people who add value to Gearbox and the DAO;
  • It’s important to avoid “whales”, i.e. people/entities who’re able to unilateraly affect decisions, especially the “whales” who’ve got their voting power for money, and even worse, with unfair practicies;
  • Delegation is a great tool for people of similar vision to affect the protocol’s development.

I don’t know if anyone shares my principles. But in any case, the delegators can be sure that their delegated votes don’t stay idle.

This program post can be amended in the future, I encourage people to revise it from time to time.

Delegation form (tx fees applied)

My contact in Gearbox discord is alnash#9370

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My address 0x7B40B0FA6cE782f8cA931e62BDCeb3A0068eAA3D

I fund email gearbox when i see i take new dession to take delegate i have much time spend in crypto before 2017

This project is new i think coming days when he list in exchange success is wait because when many people claim gearbox token he or she spand much gasss feee in ether scan ranking 1

But i am not able to claim token because i don’t know when claim process and what is rule to be claim but i feel project is success mode sooon so good luck

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Address: 0xasot.eth

I first discovered Gearbox through the credit account mining process (that I subsequently also participated in myself) a few weeks ago. An avid DeFi power user and aspiring Solidity dev myself, I believe that Gearbox provides an important new DeFi primitive in the form of an ingenious approach to collateralization that allows for a broad range of use cases and has the potential to become an important backbone of DeFi infrastructure. For this reason, I would like to apply to be a Gearbox delegate.

My professional background is more on the data and finance/economics side. In a professional capacity, I am working in a quantitative data/finance/risk kind of role at a financial services institution and my academic background is also in a field related to my current role.

I hope to also be able to actively contribute to the project’s success through work on the risk/analytics side and potentially also dev work on the smart contracts side. I recently started by building a Dune dashboard for lending/borrowing and liquidation metrics for Gearbox that I shared with the community.

My governance decisions will always be focussed on ensuring the longevity and long-term success of Gearbox and I will oppose any and all measures intended to sacrifice long-term success for short-term gain or token appreciation. I believe the core/ex-core team is and has been doing a terrific job. Thus, just as @ov3rkoalafied, I would expect my governance decisions to be aligned with the opinions of the core team for the most part.

Please feel free to reach out on Twitter at @0xasot or on Discord at asot#6910 to discuss my delegate application in more detail


Thank you for the initiative! Please proceed here: