[DISCUSSION] Initial Assignments and Tasks for the Gearbox Foundation

Dear all,

As you know, the Gearbox Foundation (the “Foundation”) was established (you can learn more in this thread [link].

In order for the Foundation to operate in the best possible way, the DAO has to decide on the major short-term and long-term assignments that will be given to the Foundation, allocation of resources, as well as other matters related to its operations.

To accomplish this, we urge the community to engage in discussions and draft a GIP to be passed as a DAO resolution. The major items that we suggest to address are:

a) Assignments, for example, IP management, source code licensing, manage and maintain subscriptions with third-party services such as hostings, email providers, etc.;

b) Allocation of a budget in USDC/T that can cover the operational expenses of the Foundation during a particular term, for example, 12 months;

c) Appointment of representatives, committees, or sub-DAOs who can exercise the DAO’s rights and act as its representatives in discussions with the Foundation regarding specific subjects (so that there’s no need for the DAO to pass separate resolutions on such subjects as its representatives can provide respective instructions).

To help in this process, we have prepared a draft GEAR DAO Resolution, which can serve as a basis or sample for a DAO resolution to be adopted. The draft is available at [link].

We encourage everyone to review this post and provide feedback.

We will closely monitor this thread and welcome any questions or suggestions you may have.

let me as Gearbox Protocol Ltd representative form budget for 2023. The main expenses in this budget are operating expenses for infrastructure services, domain, github etc. Later other community members can supplement if there is anything missed…

The budget for 2023, based on current expenses, is as follows:

Service Monthly cost
Google Suite $100.00
CloudFlare $25.00
Github $160.00
NPM $7.00
Alchemy (Growith-tier) $49.00
Gitbook $40.00
vercel $20.00
DRPC $240.00
discourse $150.00
medium $15
gleam $150
discord $10
Current expences, total $966.00
+ Reserve (15%) $144.90
+ 6% fees(crypto-fiat etc) $66.65
Total, monthly $1,177.55
2023 budget (10 months) $11,775.54

I would suggest making a budget for the Foundation of 15,000 USDC. If some of the funds are not spent in 2023, it will roll over to 2024. The Foundation may use this budget to pay for the services listed above or their analogues if it is requested by contributors.

Hey. Good decision. I’d like to offer myself as a contact for marketing, budget and payment services.

Add another $360 for airtable per year and $160 for excalidraw (for 2 people)

  • also domain expences. I guess all expences above are covered by 15k budget…

I can provide technical expertise and assistance to people managing these services

Figma (Team Plan) $15 x 2 editors

As a resume, list of services:

Google Suite
Alchemy (Growith-tier)

Budget 15k USDC covers them all, I guess.

On the side of the foundation, there are some additional expenses that can be covered from the reserve that you have planned: Telephone number expenses of $12.5 per month; however, it has to be paid in advance for 12 months - $150; mobile telephone (device) expenses of $95. At some point, an accounting software subscription will be needed - on average $30 per month.

Let’s do budget 20k USDC then.

I’ve got a few questions:

  1. For ongoing costs, those seem pretty easy. LLC has a budget - they pay the costs. If a change needs to be made though, who dictates that?

  2. Let’s say devs are exploring an audit and need to sign an NDA. Who directs DAOBOX to sign that NDA? Or do the devs sign it, with their own subDAO/entity? Ie, I think some legal signatures are just done on behalf of the subDAO (like I believe if @jared_gb were to need to sign an NDA to talk to someone, he would just sign it, right?). An audit I think is easy - that’s a big expense, would need governance approval from the DAO. But I’m trying to think of in what other cases it would be necessary. Like I am currently an individual contributor, not a funded subDAO. If I am asked to sign an NDA, or pay an off-chain cost as part of something I am working on - how does that become DAObox’s responsibility without giving me individual power to dictate spending, but also without needing a governance vote for every little thing like this?

This is where maybe some sort of broad caveat is needed to define a specific goal and some level of discretion, but I’m not sure how to best define that in a way that doesn’t put responsibility on the LLC to make decisions on what agreements/NDAs/service provider changes, etc.

How I see it:

  1. For Audit it’s pretty easy - it’s separate voting, where should be added separate clause that DAObox will act as side of deal and DAO will send to it all needed funds…
  2. now the budget is being approved for subscriptions only. @nikitakle can act here as DAO representative if should be added new subscriptions within budget or should be changed something in existing ones.
  3. re NDA part - addressing it to @DAOBOX.INC

The Foundation’s ability to enter into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) depends on the identity of the disclosing party. If the disclosing party is Gearbox, the Foundation has the option to enter into an NDA. However, if the confidential information is disclosed to Gearbox contributors, the Foundation cannot enter into an NDA unless there are respective NDAs in place between the Foundation and each individual developer.

Assuming the above conditions are met, the Foundation is authorized to enter into an NDA as per the explicit instructions of any contributor or subDAO named by the DAO, provided that the DAO permits the Foundation to accept and follow such requests. This provision can be addressed in current or future DAO resolutions.

Here’s an updated version of the DAO resolution that takes into account the proposed budget and the above suggestions [link]

Voting is started:

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We note that the GEAR DAO has passed a resolution to assign tasks to the Gearbox Foundation (link). We hereby acknowledge all the assignments and shall act accordingly.

Here is the ERC-20 wallet (safe) address of the Gearbox Foundation:


Hey there @nikitakle & @apeir99n
I am Nayan from DaoLens.
I was going through an article on DAO times and then came across this discussion here.

Noticed the 150$ budget allocation for Discourse.
I actually had something way cool with me. I am working on this project, called the DAO Manager, and it is a one-stop platform for all your DAO needs such as discussions, Bounties, projects, compensations, events and even on-chain voting and library maintenance.
Would love for you to experiment around the Discussion forum that we have built on the DAO Manager.

Anyone can start by creating a community and testing around the features. And it’s absolutely free till June 2023, post which there will be nominal cost only for premium features. This can be a great plugin for Gearbox Foundation, I believe.

In the discussion forum itself, you’ll be able to create polls for off-chain voting, checklists to track projects from Discussions, pin them and even connect them with bounties, proposals (for voting), etc. for context linking.
P.s. - we took GPT live as well into it. So now you can easily summarize discussions, critique them, create polls and checklists out of them among other things.
Would love to know what you folks think about this!

Do share your thoughts on it and if needed, we can even connect on Discord: Amenek.eth#8984

P.p.s - with a few clicks you can also migrate all of your previous data from Dsicourse onto the DAO Manager so that the previous discussions are not lost. Then the community can continue discussions on the DAO Manager.

Looking forward to it folks!

another q, does DAOBox then own all of these accounts? And is thus responsible for adding/removing users at the discretion of the DAO? (Like needing to add a new person to the medium to give them posting/publishing rights, etc)

Or if for all of these services it is possible to make an admin with equal/slightly less power, then all features can be maintained. Just wondering who actually owns the accounts and thus has to make non-financial changes when needed.

good question.

Yes, I think Foundation (as it has separate entity) as legally owner of this accounts, while it can give access (and different roles) to DAO members by request.