GEAR liquidity latest proposal solution

In view of the current community due to the liquidity program opinions are not unified, we ask the community to add a new proposal option.

The core content of this recommendation is as follows:
A small amount of money could be proposed as an initial addition to liquidity from the Treasury, which would also receive a portion of the income in times of heavy trading, The amount of capital can be between 500k and 1000k.Reference dao project cases include Ens, Nation, etc

  • The above is the full content of the proposal.

At what price, and why that price? Why is that enough liquidity? Etc, need justification for reasoning.

In case 0xcider doesn 't need any capital (strictly = 0), DAO can make a GEAR/FRAXBP pool on Balancer (whatever asset the Balancer-Aura-Frax were offering the highest rewards for). This will strongen the relationship between DAO, and make liquidity deeper. This can be discussed in the separate topic, it has no direct concern for 0xcider code.

Where to add: Balancer.
What assets to add: GEAR / fraxBP. See message of @ssmccul in my proposal.
When to add this liquidity: middle of month January, after $gears market becomes stabler.
How much: ~ half of what planned for 0xcider support = $300,000 for friend-DAO-teams.