GearBox Yearly Financial Report - 2022

Hey GearBox community,

Following the discussion with some community members, I made this report that should be a test run for a potential engagement.

If you are an active contributor, to see the value add of this report, you should read it from the perspective of passive GEAR holders as well.

GearBox Yearly Financial Report - 2022

If you have any comments or find inaccuracies in the data, reach out in the comments or via twitter.

@nikitakle May I kindly request the payment of 50k GEAR as agreed to : 0x3c8fc549798C48Cd4EdC1786bef85D3a50f15C10

I am against paying 50k GEAR for this.

This is not the main DAO request and doesn’t come from the main DAO treasury @andresghost. This one is for the VIBES subDAO that has a budget and pre-agreed to pay that from their budget for a report.

However, it doesn’t seem like this type of report (metrics and stuff presented) are exactly on par with the example provided before in this topic (VIBES idea: GearBox Monthly Financial Reports). I’d expect something else. So if the comments made by VIBES subDAO members are implemented and fixed, the payment can and should be released based on what I am reading in that topic.

You can learn more about VIBES subDAO here (a bit outdated, revamping Notion soon):

I don’t understand what you mean by comments by Vibes subDAO implemented and fixed.

Yes the report is different from the link that was shared but has all metrics needed for a GEAR holder to stay informed.

The report seems very subpar. Feels like a recap of what’s has been tweeted by Gearbox twitter. Additionally, some of the statistics can be easily found on Gearbox analytic page (E.g. Gearbox’s treasury). These data could be found easily in 5 - 10 mins.

Additionally, I feel that most of the report is taken from monthly reports. If Gearbox members are not up to date with the previous monthly reports, I don’t think this report would matter in the grand scheme of things.

What I rather see more of:

  • Break down of revenue. How much revenue is obtained from liquidation, spread fee and previously implemented withdrawal fees

  • Statistics which is not obtainable by from any analytical page. E.g. number of CA closed/open each month

  • Break down of expenses. How much is going to different contributors.

I agree on revenue breakdown but the data is not easily available.

For the rest I don’t think GEAR holders would care how much each contributor is paid. Only grand picture stuff matters here. As I mentioned in my post, the report should be read from non contributors perspective as well.

Only expenses are taken from the DAO monthly reports, the rest comes from various data sources.

Anyway, the way I understood the agreement is that I make the report and get paid. The retroactive funding doesn’t depend on the quality of the report.

I understand that the community seems not interested in this kind of reporting. So I’d just like to get paid for my work (as agreed), no need for an extension…

I don’t think the community sees my perspective with these reports so I’ll add more details:

I see GearBox as a BUSINESS that exists on the internet where everybody can buy a share of (GEAR tokens).

If you are a contributor, my reports high probably will seem worthless to you and paying GEAR for them is a waste.

As I mentioned in the post, my target are passive holders especially those that see it as a business that will start accruing income.

If you are a contributor, as mentioned in the comments, you can find richer data than this on many dashboards. However, for those passive holders, they don’t know about, use nor have the time to go looking into dashboards. The goal is to aggregate all big picture stuff into one report, add some comments to help them digest the reports and at the same time explain how the protocol works indirectly, piece by piece throughout these reports.

I am getting the vibe that the community might be looking at GearBox as just a project for savy, degen community members. I see it otherwise…

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Adalhi i get your point. As a passive “investor” i can see the perspective :+1:

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Thank you for your efforts and for coming to help. We appreciate your contributions. But I would like to say that the DAO participants have noticed that there is nothing new or more detailed about what the major contributors are doing in their reports. I would even say it’s a squeeze of what we already have and it’s pretty simple compared to what you showed us in the beginning with Uniswap. I think you could make more effort and try to show us something new and more detailed, refine your report and make it more suitable for DAO, also sticking to the comments that were left on the forum. As a representative of VIBES subDAO I am always happy and open to new participants and their usefulness, for this reason I went straight to you and offered a great way to start. But my offer is not a gift, but an evaluation of your work and time. If you stick to your idea that your report is finished we will give you 15000 GEAR as a respect, but still I would like you to finish what you started and take your 50000.

Hi @nikitakle I consider the report as finished and accept the 15k Gear reward.

As soon as it is sent, I will send the transaction here.

@adalhi Done

I confirm the 15k GEAR has been received

Tbh this is what I would have loved to see:

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