[GIP-13] "VIBES” focusing on onboarding & marketing (initiative)


Marketing and community onboarding is a very agile process, both from the operational standpoint and budget allocations. For example: small payments are a nuisance to drag though main governance. In addition to that, onboarding community members and various programs for that are a subjective strategy - basically, also not something one drags through the main committees. But all of these things are super important when growing a brand and a community! So, the goal of this proposal is to suggest a metaDAO [still within the GearboxDAO, just with some clear responsibilities] which will have a separate multisig with the quarterly budgets.

VIBES metaDAO Focus Points
Here are the main focus points of VIBES work:

1. Adhering to new members and fostering great community vibes

Discord servers’ content is complicated. DeFi is hard. For new members, it’s practically impossible to be active and do anything around the DAO. Is that so bad? Well, a DAO doesn’t need 1000 workers. But a product DOES need 1000 users. And a great way of retention is to make users a part of your community, have great vibes, and so on. Make people come back, make people create visual content - let everyone have fun.

Brands have done it the best in real life. And crypto has so far not done much on this front (apart from NFT collections which are brands-only, basically). From other projects in DeFi, Yearn has popularized the attention with constant updates and hentai. Aave and Uniswap do cute branding. And OlympusDAO had great vibes. Vibes are important if you want to grow!

The proposal already lays out some of the community onboarding programs below. As for the budget, the suggested amount is 10M GEAR which corresponds to $150,000 worth at the DAO round price of 150M FDV [GEAR = $0.015]. This amount should initially suffice strong support for the Leverage Ninja and V2 launch, as well as subsequent weeks of activity. It could be that an extra top-up of the budget would be needed, or on the contrary - it would roll over to Q4. All the payments and processes would be reported to the community.

[a storyline sprinkle]

Where the ground was bare a year ago - now grass is growing, the sun is shining, and the DAO is developing. The big iron heart beats steadily like a clock. A group of robots believing in one common idea work every day and diligently develop the infrastructure. Like blood vessels, committees are connected to each other yet develop in parallel. The Citadel has many complex processes running every day, but all this work is transparent and open. If you feel that your skills can help - you will always be welcome. We’ve always said that newcomers are welcome and now we want to give the most creative travellers a chance to prove themselves. But first, we will have to test your knowledge. We wonder who will go first? This metaDAO should help with that!

A framework for such activities can be seen below.
  • Stage number zero. Beginning.
    Much time and effort has been expended to build what is now before you. Of course, every main participant in the DAO Citadel would like respect for their work and proper responsibility, which is why travellers must prove to the main participants that they have enough knowledge to get a chance to prove themselves. What this means. Use our manifesto to soak up more knowledge and be ready with answers, every page counts. Docs

  • Stage One. Natural Selection.
    A quest will be provided based on the results of which a rating of newcomers will be built.

  • Stage two. Greeting newcomers.
    Community sessions in different regional groups. In each region, the core members of the DAO will provide introductory information for newcomers.

  • Stage Three. Mechanical punks.
    Participants get new roles and access to closed channels. Now they can show what they can do for a chance at cool merch and GEAR. (If the participant joined later and could not take part in the first quest or failed the exam, he will be able to join later, waiting for a new quest)

POAP: for example, for a correctly completed quiz, POAP will be issued. Each of them will give a role in the discord.
Role: give access to POAP-only channels in which new members can be active.
Rating: the rating of participants will be implemented, the best participants will be rewarded.

Gamifying VIBES activities: make it fun yet educating

It’s mostly about non-technical activities, but a good understanding of how the protocol works will help you achieve better results. Not tech-hard, but also still focused on the product.

  • Media contest
  • Meme contest
  • Creative contest
  • Poker tournament and more games
  • Raid support
How to become a robot supporter? What to do after I become one?
  1. A newcomer who wants to become part of the Gearbox DAO community has successfully passed the quiz and received the appropriate POAP.
  2. They got acquainted with the rules of conduct in the community.
  3. They create interesting content (meme, creative design, media and etc etc)
  4. They use the product, describes their experience, create high-quality twitter threads or articles with his own strategies, and learn from someone else’s experience. Committee of VIBES will be doing reviews of the successful experiences of other participants.
  5. Help the raid-shilling army. Join the raid ranks. Help promote the core ideas of the DAO. Reposts, comments, likes. The easy stuff that helps with growth nonetheless.
  6. Recording educational quality lessons in the regional language. Talk about the Gearbox protocol in your region, make quality reviews.
  7. Participate in discussions on proposals in the forum. Vote on the snapshot or delegate your GEARs to Gearbox DAO delegates. Or become one yourself.
  8. Participate in games and other activities.
  9. Invite new members, offer your own collaborations with the DAO you are already a member of.
  10. Be creative, create a vibe! We value quality contributions! Spam will be banned.

2. KOL grant programs and external comms

One part of the job is to make good content. Another part - is to spread it. Gearbox DAO already had a number of great contributors and community members who spread the word about the protocol and the DAO in the DeFi land across the platforms. However, growth never stops, and with the product releases especially - more eyes are needed.

That’s right, we are talking about Key Opinion Leaders [KOLs] who can create branded content, educate their communities about Gearbox, and so on. Not shilling shitcoins, but moving the product forward. That requires some compensations, be it in USDC or GEAR. In most cases, we would opt in to do GEAR compensations [to keep such contributors aligned with the DAO success], but in rare cases we could use USDC in small amounts.

Rough Key Results Expected

  • Higher twitter following. Of course, that assumes non-bots. Nobody is incentivized to game the KPIs as the compensations for workers are not currently based on any such stats.
  • Higher twitter engagement.
  • Higher Discord retention and more active chats.
  • To increase general awareness and competence regarding use. By creating a learning funnel from airdrop hunter → active community member → user → advanced user.
  • Increase brand awareness due to more mentions in various media resources.
  • Creating a strong, active community around the project with a high degree of involvement.
  • Get more feedback about the product and its advantages/disadvantages through regular surveys of active users.

metaDAO multisig

For smaller payments concerning marketing, a new multisig will be established [to be added later]. 3/5 or 3/6 can be chosen for it from the most active members. The reporting on the spending would need to be presented by this metaDAO every month. In any case, the work of this metaDAO will be visible and transparent in one of the Citadel contributor channels 24/7.

Main members, and as a result, multisig signers for it can be proposed as:

  • nikitakle:
  • mugglesect:
  • ivangbi:
  • amplice:
  • joel john:
  • one member of the CN legend group [TBD]

Budget for VIBES Q3 & V2 push

The suggested amount is 10M GEAR which corresponds to $150,000 worth at the DAO round price of 150M FDV [GEAR = $0.015]. This amount should initially suffice strong support for the Leverage Ninja and V2 launch, as well as subsequent weeks of activity. It could be that an extra top-up of the budget would be needed, or on the contrary - it would roll over to Q4. All the payments and processes would be reported to the community.

For the USDC side, there is no contributor-operator budget currently needed as the main DAO takes care of that. As the main DAO scales, that will be done separately. Anyway, for now we would like to request $50,000 USDC for potential KOL payments in case they would be fully against taking in GEAR as a compensation. We would always prioritize the latter though.


There are currently no separate rewards for metaDAO members, but they may be in the future. DAO funding was discussed at a recent GIP


I love this! The only thing I’d add is that you should also use the funds of this metaDAO to tip users who are consistently answering questions in the server. Official content is great but ultimately some of the most effective support is just having an army of users who answer any and every question people ask in the discord server reasonably quickly, so I’d like to see a small budget for those people, rather than ONLY paying for official/time-restrained content. I can’t understate the value of someone being able to join the server and ask a question and get it answered relatively quickly and accurately, even if it’s a question that’s been answered 100 times before.

I will say the budget seems high for one quarter, esp since most of these things shouldn’t have that much cost. I’d like to see the 10M gear last at least until the end of the year. The 50k USDC as well. Partially that’s because I know influencers/content creators aren’t commanding as high of rates as they were in peak bulla. Additionally, I know from experience that the value returned on these is pretty questionable. Ie, we should only be paying people who can provide us with metrics that justify the costs, or command a pretty low premium. There are other ideas in here that would also cost some $$, but ultimately $200k for one quarter seems like too high of a budget for this, especially in its infancy.


Thanks for your thoughts! As for 200 thousand dollars, this budget does not have to be spent immediately. These funds will be managed by subscribed members and a report will be provided for each payment. Basically, this offer is made in order not to interfere with the main DAO and not waste time creating additional offers in order to receive a small amount each time.

Such points are already included in the mechanics of rewards, it is not necessary to participate in the competition. For regular work on the type of answering questions in the chat will also be rewarded. Each of the main participants will have the opportunity to mark active members of the community and distribute points. Whether it’s active chat help or a good suggestion or discussion.

I wanted to see that type of thing a long time ago! And here we go :slight_smile:

I think that you need to reward only in GEAR, so people will be more involved in the process(so that there are no people who are aimed only at USDC).
I also want to metaDAO multisig :point_right: :point_left: :sweat_smile:
quorum 4/7(>50%)

Great effort, thank you! Open to multisig some things if needed, but can also be easily replaced by another member of the community. Whoever volunteers that has been active imho.

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Thank you all for your comments.
Voting will start on Sunday morning.

The voting has been completed and it seems to be confirmed. Now you need to collect wallets for multisig and create gnosis safe
my: nikitakle.eth (0xf3D476566BCC8E882A3910F1471428522449d89E)

CC: @mugglesect @RV_ivangbi @amplice @hahaschool @sjzxqh @joel john

For me, please use the address ivangbi.eth (…e22) sers.

metaDAO multisig was created: GnosisSafeProxy | Address 0x8ACEd4217bA809B0F7164cdbAF7c4901Bd6575Ac | Etherscan
Transfer the budget for metaDAO:
Gnosis Safe

3/6 multisig addy/members:


@nikitakle @RV_ivangbi @amplice @mugglesect @hahaschool @sjzxqh

Here you can see how the metaDAO budget was replenished from the general treasury of the DAO.

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