[GIP-18] DAO Round PART 2. Community Proposal

I confirm, that my contribution is correct. Thank you.

Err gonna shoot my shot. Can only do 10k$, can we maybe do a lower limit for the contributors? :sweat_smile:

@FranktheTank hi, I posted a while back here:

I saw min is now 50k. That’s fine, I am in with 50k.

Hi everyone,

See below for the final contribution list. Please note that everyone will need to share their email with AURUM following a successful vote. I will follow up once the vote is over.

Talk Soon,


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I agree with the updated proposals. Ready to contribute $50,000.

Man, but what about me? I had only to be distracted for a while and everything jumped by leaps and bounds.
I thought the deadline was September 12th. I’m ready to increase to 50.000

@FranktheTank I’ve been trying to figure out details and deadline as I thought 12th September is the final date. I haven’t seen the accelerated proposal - but I was able to figure everything out and I would love to contribute with $50k. My discord is IShotTheSheriff#5046 and I’m of course willing to share email / do KYC.

It would be sad if I miss this opportunity just by one day, but if it’s really too late, I will understand. Thank you.

Final list taking into account the new additions. I will have no more updates to this list. The proposal should be going live at some point today. Thanks everyone!



Thank you @FranktheTank, really appreciate you could do the last minute update for me.

Pls, include an additional $125k contribution from Polymorphic Capital)

Hi everyone - see below for the final list for the vote that will take place this week


Talk Soon



Reporting - the proposal is live to vote on!

Check the timeline from the proposal too, cc @FranktheTank @0xBeckoningCat

:ballot_box: Snapshot

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That timeline looks perfect to me. Individuals will be communicating their addresses directly with AURUM. I am simply teeing up the communication between the proposed contributor and AURUM.

To the proposed contributors (sminem, amplice, Border, Burgerflipper, VinnieD, EustaceBagge, blacksheep, Sidax, kronosim, Follower, Capitanike, Maksim, grin, 0xBeckoningCat, bananacrypto, afungiblepleb, olegan4, Ivan062, M_K, electroXts, @coinjager, @syroamst, @grim_by, @randomdev, @ptchela, @IShotTheSheriff, @Eldar), can you please message me an email address through which AURUM can contact you? Please do not post a response containing your email on the public forum.

I will also ping as many people as possible in discord. I have messaged and spoken with many of you on the forum but for completeness sake want to include each contributor in the community round on the list above.



Congratulations everyone, the snapshot vote was approved!

I will share the list of participants with AURUM and include email addresses. @Burgerflipper @sminem @IShotTheSheriff, please send me your email address via message so I can share with AURUM.

@Sergey_aurumlf, I will share the list of participants shortly.

Thanks everyone and a big congratulations!

Hi everyone,

Great news! And thank you for your trust!

We are ready to start the procedure once we have all the information needed.


Great news! Thanks!
Waiting for KYC procedure.


Just wanted to keep everyone posted: on September 16 we sent the KYC requests by email to all participants (with instructions and everything). Some ppl have already completed the procedure. Several emails are still missing.

Please make sure that you have received an email from compliance@aurum.expert. If you still plan to participate, please follow the steps outlined in the letter and please do it on time.


Hi everyone,

AURUM has requested that they receive all KYC info by today. In case you haven’t by now, just sending a friendly reminder.

Talk soon,


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Hi everyone,

The checks are now completed. You may find our DD report at the following link: https://aurum.expert/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/GEAR_DAO_DD_Report.pdf

I must add that one of the participants hasn’t been able to complete the checks and is still willing to participate. On our part, we will perform the checks on this participant if we receive all materials by September 30, 2022. If this participant passes the checks, we will additionally post it here.

Let me know if you have any questions or if anything else is needed.


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Hi everyone,

As mentioned in my last post, I’m sharing our revised DD report that includes one additional wallet the holder of which passed the checks today.

The revised report is available at this link: https://aurum.expert/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/GEAR_DAO_DD_Report_revSep29.pdf

Let me know if anything else is needed.

Cheers, Sergey.