[GIP-18] DAO Round PART 2. Community Proposal

Final list taking into account the new additions. I will have no more updates to this list. The proposal should be going live at some point today. Thanks everyone!



Thank you @FranktheTank, really appreciate you could do the last minute update for me.

Pls, include an additional $125k contribution from Polymorphic Capital)

Hi everyone - see below for the final list for the vote that will take place this week


Talk Soon



Reporting - the proposal is live to vote on!

Check the timeline from the proposal too, cc @FranktheTank @0xBeckoningCat

:ballot_box: Snapshot

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That timeline looks perfect to me. Individuals will be communicating their addresses directly with AURUM. I am simply teeing up the communication between the proposed contributor and AURUM.

To the proposed contributors (sminem, amplice, Border, Burgerflipper, VinnieD, EustaceBagge, blacksheep, Sidax, kronosim, Follower, Capitanike, Maksim, grin, 0xBeckoningCat, bananacrypto, afungiblepleb, olegan4, Ivan062, M_K, electroXts, @coinjager, @syroamst, @grim_by, @randomdev, @ptchela, @IShotTheSheriff, @Eldar), can you please message me an email address through which AURUM can contact you? Please do not post a response containing your email on the public forum.

I will also ping as many people as possible in discord. I have messaged and spoken with many of you on the forum but for completeness sake want to include each contributor in the community round on the list above.



Congratulations everyone, the snapshot vote was approved!

I will share the list of participants with AURUM and include email addresses. @Burgerflipper @sminem @IShotTheSheriff, please send me your email address via message so I can share with AURUM.

@Sergey_aurumlf, I will share the list of participants shortly.

Thanks everyone and a big congratulations!

Hi everyone,

Great news! And thank you for your trust!

We are ready to start the procedure once we have all the information needed.


Great news! Thanks!
Waiting for KYC procedure.


Just wanted to keep everyone posted: on September 16 we sent the KYC requests by email to all participants (with instructions and everything). Some ppl have already completed the procedure. Several emails are still missing.

Please make sure that you have received an email from compliance@aurum.expert. If you still plan to participate, please follow the steps outlined in the letter and please do it on time.


Hi everyone,

AURUM has requested that they receive all KYC info by today. In case you haven’t by now, just sending a friendly reminder.

Talk soon,


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Hi everyone,

The checks are now completed. You may find our DD report at the following link: https://aurum.expert/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/GEAR_DAO_DD_Report.pdf

I must add that one of the participants hasn’t been able to complete the checks and is still willing to participate. On our part, we will perform the checks on this participant if we receive all materials by September 30, 2022. If this participant passes the checks, we will additionally post it here.

Let me know if you have any questions or if anything else is needed.


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Hi everyone,

As mentioned in my last post, I’m sharing our revised DD report that includes one additional wallet the holder of which passed the checks today.

The revised report is available at this link: https://aurum.expert/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/GEAR_DAO_DD_Report_revSep29.pdf

Let me know if anything else is needed.

Cheers, Sergey.

Hey everyone,

Now that the AURUM diligence report is complete, it is time for the contributors who have passed AURUM due diligence to send funds to the Gearbox multi-sig address (as set forth in the snapshot vote, linked here.

Accordingly, can each contributor who has passed due diligence send the funds you have pledged to this Part II Community Contribution to the following multi-sig address: 0x7b065Fcb0760dF0CEA8CFd144e08554F3CeA73D1.

Please note that you must send funds from the public address AURUM disclosed in its due diligence report. Further, please only send funds in the amount you have pledged to the DAO.

This is very exciting guys. Great work to AURUM and great work everyone. congratulations!



Hey all,

To the extent you have not funded your contribution (and/or missed the updates in the discord), please complete your payment by end of day October 5, 2022 as set forth in the snapshot proposal.

Please let us know if you have any questions!


These left it seems

The 10K transaction as a fee was sent by the financial multisig:

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Just checked, looks like it’s all done! 19/19 absolute chads

@Sergey_aurumlf The 10K transaction as a fee was sent by the financial multisig too.

Next steps: vesting contracts

At the earliest availability, devs should deploy the vesting contracts with 1 year cliff and 1 year linear vesting after that - starting from September 15 [different from DAO Round part 1]. The voting strategy must be at 1x for both DAO Round part 1 and 2. This is all according to GIP-10 and GIP-18.


Personal opinion is to swap some of USDC to another stable as to avoid any potential risks as being a DAO. LUSD would be a good choice if it was at 1:1 parity (currently still at 1.03 which is not acceptable), or another stable of your suggestion. DAI should like be avoided as they are planning to forcefully deviate DAI from the $1 peg. This discussion can be moved onto a separate topic once someone goes through risks and relays ideas on the treasury composition, maybe @ov3rkoalafied @amplice

Hi everyone,

We are glad to hear that everything went well. We were happy to help. Also, this is to confirm that the payment was duly received.

Best regards, Sergey.

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Good afternoon Sergey.

vesting tokens deploying is ready:

Could you share this information with the participants? Maybe it will be an email notification.

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