[GIP-18] DAO Round PART 2. Community Proposal

Looks like there is no dissent. Is your proposal with revised terms accepted now?

Hey hi,

I’m a technical multisig signer who’s keen to further support the project. I’d like to participate with $25,000.


Hello, I am an early tester and participant of the Credit Account Mining ceremony. Discord ptchela#4592. I would like to contribute $35,000. I really believe in the project.

Hi all,

This is Octave from Menai Financial Group - crypto market-making and vc firm founded by Zoe Cruz (ex president of Morgan Stanley - whose prime broking division does exactly in Tradfi what Gearbox credit accounts do in Defi).

We were early investors in several protocols / firms (eg dYdX, BCB Group, CLST) and usually support our projects with market-making and our general deep TradFi experience.

Realised we missed the VC Round a couple weeks ago but would be honoured if the DAO would consider us for a $75,000 contribution into the Community Raise.

TG /Twitter: @Octave_0x
Discord: Octave_0x#5704

Big fan of the project and already whitelisted for v2.

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Guys is there an update for this? What should we do next?

You just have to wait. Technical issues are discussed.


I have great faith and optimism in gear.I will increase my participation amount to 15K thx!

Sers im a shrimp Lobster DAO member
and my size is not size. 10k contribution for the buildoooors is available from me :slightly_smiling_face:

Discord ID: BillyRayValentine.eth#5927
Telegram ID: @feelinggoodlouis
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/BillyRay_Val

Hi, I’m Alex and I was a participant of the Credit Account Mining Ceremony and also a V1 pool liquidity provider. I’d like to participate with $50k.

my discord ID is august1#4647, thanks guys!

Hi, I’m an og credit account miner. would love to participate with 10k. my discord id is harveymilk#4871 thanks

Hello.I am a strong supporter of gear.I will participate with $10000.Please add to the list thx.
discord ID: AREZA#1548

Hey @0xBeckoningCat, are you still taking lead on this?

Redacted the post, as my opinion was not correct.


Hope to carry out and complete it

So just to be sure I am understanding this correctly.

If we want to KYC and go through legal stuff, the raise is still happening?

Currently on holidays ser. Aim to be more involved in a couple of weeks when internet and accessibility permits!

but quick notes:

Don’t want others to assume risk on my behalf - justifiable concerns here.

Am okay with KYC but depends on whom I’d be KYC-ing to. Not willing to be responsible for KYC-ing others due to risk I’d assume.


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pass KYC to a third-party provider (onfido, etc.) is not a problem
going through KYC directly with dao and community means deanonymization which is unacceptable and not safe for life in many countries with authoritarian government


We can use CoinList Lobs accounts as well!

can I express further interest in investing?

Ivan: Can gearbox use Aelin for this raise? This would be for the community to use.


Hit me up via discord or twitter.

Same username.