[GIP-18] DAO Round PART 2. Community Proposal

Thanks for the list. My contribution is correct.

Thanks for the list. My contribution is correct.
and my discord account is blacksheep#1869

I would also like to express my interest in $50,000. They have been part of discord for a long time, as well as the achievements of NFT Gearbox Genesis Miner and Bagholder 10k+.

Dream#5650 Discord

KYC, the source of funds are not a problem.

Good luck to you in any case!

I confirm 130k$

I really hope that these money help founders of Gearbox live a beautiful life in beautiful places :grin:

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Founders don’t even touch this money, ahhhhhhh

Thank you for the list.
My contribution is correct
Discord bananacrypto#0933
Kyc no problem
Thank you

Thanks Frank.

My contribution is correct.

Discord: GreatApe#9405
KYC no issue.

Thank you!

Hi, I’m Alex and I was a participant of the Credit Account Mining Ceremony and also a V1 pool liquidity provider. I’ve already expressed my interest and now I just want to reaffirm my desire. I’d like to participate in DAO Round part 2 with $60k.

my discord ID is august1#4647, thanks guys!

My contribution is correct. I confirm the list.

Thanks for the list. My contribution is correct.

Dicord - Capitanike#8896

Confirming thats my contribution is correct

I confirm that my contribution is correct

Thanks for the list. My contribution is correct. My discord is Vitaliy#0592

I confirm, that my contribution is correct. Thank you.

Err gonna shoot my shot. Can only do 10k$, can we maybe do a lower limit for the contributors? :sweat_smile:

@FranktheTank hi, I posted a while back here:

I saw min is now 50k. That’s fine, I am in with 50k.

Hi everyone,

See below for the final contribution list. Please note that everyone will need to share their email with AURUM following a successful vote. I will follow up once the vote is over.

Talk Soon,


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I agree with the updated proposals. Ready to contribute $50,000.

Man, but what about me? I had only to be distracted for a while and everything jumped by leaps and bounds.
I thought the deadline was September 12th. I’m ready to increase to 50.000

@FranktheTank I’ve been trying to figure out details and deadline as I thought 12th September is the final date. I haven’t seen the accelerated proposal - but I was able to figure everything out and I would love to contribute with $50k. My discord is IShotTheSheriff#5046 and I’m of course willing to share email / do KYC.

It would be sad if I miss this opportunity just by one day, but if it’s really too late, I will understand. Thank you.