[GIP-21] Leverage Ninja Mode & Limits for V2

interested to be a ninja: @prudentbuys , add: 0x1E2fCe2E2A821c254FC4E53b373586af07ED0008

0xf6C589402278e88E48BCD6243EF3Aa11A3Eff2d6 for a leverage ninja please

stETH position Ninjas!

Market is VERY volatile now

So discrepancies in steth - eth can be large

ur HF is usually ok but might wanna be extra careful now @edenmoon33 check one position ser

this will be fixed in a couple of weeks, but for now better be safu

0x9A58b7E86A0075ba21B70a48b00CBe48A8bB8BE5 please add ninja

Everyone above who qualified - was queued. Today-tomorrow live for wave 4!

HOW :ninja:t4: Your choice: be a known non-anon by DMing ivangbi :space_invader: or jared gb [or other contributor] on Discord - or be fully anon with enough balance and a regular address you use that you can put right down here. Either works! Much like DAO governance, everyone is welcome!

Please include me: 0x4334703B0B74E2045926f82F4158A103fCE1Df4f

Happy with the release of gearbox,here is my address.
Twitter: @peanutduck_
Addy: 0x6EF31C881E253e41B29522FEd76CB653CAA1b07F

Add me please as well: 0xb58B3e8b334EBFdA6EB27f0c13974E058085F422

Please also add me in
twitter: @52mzone

I’m okay with the 100k min

please add me in

Hi requesting for credit account

Hi can I apply to be a Ninja for this address: 0xEd2170462e997b9590f77Bf2cD3cd283B877eAdE

Hey, I would like to apply to be a Ninja. Can you please include my address: 0x67A3231D7562d8b7630902533b88E9FD2b4d4651
Twitter @LiquidityMagnet

Can you add me to ninja leverage?


I’m okay with the 100k min

Please add me to ninja leverage as well:
Telegram: @qwalker120


I am okay with 100k min as well

Please add me to NINJA 0x67cfa602e0e336d28760e7bedfb3ed0c7b9e8fa1

Discord Mican#8888

Whitelist please: 0x3F7C10cBbb1EA1046a80B738b9Eaf3217410c7F6
I’m also in Lobster DAO with a degenscore higher than 2000.

add me pls!
superhobo t#9035

Include me too please. My twitter: @alvik481, wallet: 0xf8b290Fd4Fb10Fbc413957Bd8CDB408Dc9cdeA51