[GIP-21] Leverage Ninja Mode & Limits for V2

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NINJA WAVE IS LIVE - 25-01-1995 :ninja: Everyone above this comment is in

You can now ape into Credit Accounts by claiming the SBT right in the main interface Gearbox protocol :gear::toolbox: But you are also free to play the game at https://game.gearbox.fi/

For understanding risks and CAs properly you can read the below two pieces:

  1. Ninja mode explanation oh how it works: Leverage Ninja mode: Gearbox V2 is LIVE! | by Gearbox Intern | Gearbox Protocol ⚙️🧰 | Medium
  2. PRO guide: https://docs.gearbox.finance/traders-and-farmers/pro-max-degenerate-bible

But in order to understand how to “win” with Gearbox V2 and make the most of it you should our protocol update that basically covers every aspect of how to people are succeeding and how you can use that to your benefit: Gearbox V2 Protocol Update: December 2022 | by Gearbox Intern | Gearbox Protocol ⚙️🧰 | Jan, 2023 | Medium

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