[GIP-21] Leverage Ninja Mode & Limits for V2

I’m a true degen, please let me in!


Please add me for ninja mode.

twitter : @cildir_sukru
address : 0x97b102e00d88F02DEBfD6b1e4B901Dd6931bB982

All addresses till this message are scheduled to be added tomorrow




(post deleted by author)

Twitter: PG_inDefi

0xd67ff61F86F669bDEa721e89167352c8808C380e to be Ninja wallet

My wallet to become a ninja 0xDe237DC541B9aB0ab6B89E69A5e973B1e33Ec586

add me pls: 0x78e2bf8f34062cb4349e7ca79fb6291a1ff67486

Please add my address: 0x1124Ae804235DE9c3e98D9EF57C4c5fD49719524

Please add me to the list: 0xfeAF67c57D53afbe2e75C2e7150d8ba635c7fB37

Greetings. After successfully using a credit account for several months, I want to open a new account in order to reduce utilization of ETH, by swapping borrowable asset from ETH to WBTC. I also want to use FRAX, please give me +2 NFT so I can do it. address 0x00cd2ff07447e2372549ac54fba8548bef968687

Hi team,

I have been lurking around for a while and wanted to start playing around with gearbox a bit. So I am curious if you could add me to the Ninja whitelist?


It is a fresh address because my funds are currently locked in other defi platforms, don’t want to miss out on the APY but I will move them over swiftly if you allow me in.

Thank you so much for your consideration,


Hi team,

could I also please get a DegenNFT at 0x5752e1918429ECa5Dd3c77918e3dD69e7959FB23?

I tried to ask yesterday, but my message got blocked for some reason.

All the best

Please add 0x00ac8D113dD2cc84B81189913544eA781056cDeA for leverage Ninja operations - γ‚γ‚ŠγŒγ¨γ†