[GIP-23] Grants for Infrastructure Maintenance


Gearbox has been operating in a fully decentralized way since the launch in 2021. However, like any DeFi protocol, independent developers created many useful tools to help to monitor, test and analyze data. These tools depend on external infrastructure providers. It is important to notice that it is not related to the protocol itself - as it is completely on-chain, but rather additional services that make life easier for the community and users.

What are these services:

  • Collecting data from on-chain for the charts application;
  • Notification subscriptions for various events - telegram bots / discord, etc.;
  • Testnet infrastructure (liquidation bots, testnet price synchronization with mainnet prices);
  • Reserve liquidation bot;
  • and so on…

In addition, to optimize the performance of these services, it requires constant experimentation with different providers. What tasks does it solve:

  • ensuring the reliability of the infrastructure due to failures of individual providers / a ban on the use of their infrastructure (see the last case with Hetzner);
  • infrastructure optimization (providers also compete with each other, so their services improve, new ones appear, etc.)

Different independent developers have been working on these tools, and can continue doing so. It’s open to everyone to spin up their own service or idea, and apply for a grant for the DAO (or further on a separate metaDAO committee) to vote on the strategy and importance of each tool separately. Developers encourage every dev coming across this post to join Gearbox DAO!

To start off, it is proposed to allocate funding for backend / analytics devs:

  • 5k$ harsh (400$/monthly) for 12 months, with the possibility of extending. Harsh has been in Gearbox DAO from the very first days, and has been working on third-eye(analytics and chartsAPI), synctron (for replicating mainnet protocol state i.e. lido, uniswap, convex, curve on testnet), liquidation bot(v1/v2 liquidation with inbuilt pathfinder) and telegram notification bot for critical events.
  • $5k to doomsower for 12 months with possibility of extending. These funds will be used for running own geth nodes (goerli and mainnet), analytics and notification services on AWS and other auxiliary services.

The payments are to be made on a monthly basis, the developers provide a report to Notion which infrastructure they use and some details for the DAO to keep record of their work.

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good initiative. I fully support it.

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Sounds reasonable to me.
Overhead expenses should be compensated, I believe.

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These are crucial operations and infrastructure that the two contributors are running. Fully support this proposal.

Gearbox Protocol DAO as decentralized organization should support devs for using infrastructure they want.

Covering expenses for cloud, blockchain API, etc. will provide freedom for choosing tools help devs to find and pick the best solutions. The services listed in the post looks valuable for community, I support this initiative.