[GIP-31/1] GEAR Strategy Cider’ed Liquidity

I ’ve taken params from yfi/eth as I feel the cases are pretty similar

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Interface is almost ready. All looking good for Dec13-th.

ovErkoalified also posted 2 related proposal to improve Cider’ed Liquidity model:

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Chainsecurity audit is completed:

Source code is right there too:

Interface and contract will be deployed on mainnet within a-few hrs. Please release 16164,26 USDC to Chainsecurity into this address 0x8baf5eaf92e37cd9b1fccd676918a9b3d4f87dc7, their final quote.

Too complicated, disagree with this proposal

Translation to spanish. Traducción al español por si a alguien le sirve de ayuda,

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