[GIP-41] Chainsecurity Audit

This proposal aims to request budget from the DAO in size of 79180 CHF, in order to pay for the code audit from Chainsecurity. The audit has been scheduled on March.

Updates to be covered in v2.1

⁃ Bug fixes (for immunify non-critical findings + other fixes)
⁃ Pool support for ERC4626 standard
⁃ Fee token support in Credit Managers
⁃ Balancer integration (adapter + price feed)
⁃ Curve tricrypto pool (adapter + price feed)
⁃ Bots support (https://twitter.com/0xmikko_eth/status/1612839247131582466)
⁃ Compound adapter + cToken pricefeed
⁃ Aave adapter + aToken pricefeed

Terms & Proposal

  • Chainsecurity allocates 2 business-weeks to review smart-contracts
  • After reviewing the codebase, Chainsecurity will provide you with a report or communicate the findings and recommendations as usual. To be found in Audits & Bug Bounty - Gearbox Protocol
  • Payment can be done in crypto USDC/USDT with small premium to cover exchange fees (up to 1.5%). Exact USD amount is to be calculated and presented by Chainsecurity (in this forum topic) on the day of transfer. For exchange rate, they will quote the final price to be sent.
  • Address for paymenta (USDC/USDT ERC20): 0x8baf5eaf92e37cd9b1fccd676918a9b3d4f87dc7