[GIP-43] OBRA DAO Governance Framework. Cycle 1: Feb-April

Aloha sers, after some thinking - I thought why not ask.

Given that I continue regularly contributing after the DAO inception (> 1 year already), maybe now is time to ask the DAO for some compensation. Nothing crazy: just the rate of amplice in USDC and NO tokens as I already have a bag. I don’t want to start any treasury looting or using the funds, but given I am online 24/7 - some compensation made sense to me. Hence $7K p.m. as a suggestion.

I was previously one of the core contributors on behalf of Rising Vista FZE LLC prior to GEAR launch, working for Gearbox Group as a marketing consultant. My company can continue offering marketing consultancy in a similar capacity, still on behalf of Rising Vista [RV], but now to the DAO as well. If this doesn’t get any objections, I can make a voting snapshot in about a week from now.

In case it does not get approved, I would still obviously be helping out and be involved, so it’s not an ultimatum by any means. I just don’t want to be touching my company GEAR reserves as a “compensation”, since I have so far actually sold $0 tokens. The same I believe stands for all contributors :slight_smile: