[GIP-45] Support/Maintenance of the Risk reports (initiative)


This is a proposal to switch supporting the risk monitoring reports created by me to a grant-based approach $5k per initiative cycle (3 months) and the corresponding 333,333 GEAR per initiative cycle (which is in line with x1 setup in the new the DAO framework).


Gearbox DAO is operating in a fully decentralised way. As an independent contributor, I created a few risk tools/reports when V1 launched. Later I became a community delegate and a member of the Risk committee. The proposal aims to split the regular tasks into separate initiatives, with more to be considered and budgeted in the future if the DAO decides to do so.

Initiative Grant

Since the protocol launch, I’ve been maintaining Google Studio Reports Gearbox Credit Accounts

That consists of four main views:

  • Overview (Overall pools’ utilisation in tabular format)
  • Dashboards (Dashboards with some key metrics)
  • CA view (The list of the actual borrowers with their token positions and HF)
  • Events (The protocol main borrowing events)

With this proposal I’d like to ask the community if the reports are useful and shall I continue to maintain them and support the protocol’s new features in the future. If yes, then I’d like to move this task to a grant-based compensation of $5k per quarter and 1:1 GEAR amount as per Option-1 described here: [PRE-GIP] DAO Governance Overhaul

The address for receiving both is: 0xeC6E3D5794FfD8047635d00D9854073ecCF36e06

Been in love w dashboards, absolutely yes <3

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support this 100%, dashboards are dope and if we can get even more data etc developed in the same vein that would be very cool

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