[GIP-5] Financial Multisig 5/7

Based on the original post for the multisig applications, we have collected primary interest and availability of a few dev-savvy DAO contributors who can fill this role. Financial multisig: 5/7 with the possibility to add more people and increase signer count in order to have a better response rate and security.

  1. Stani - founder of Aave, venture partner at Variant Fund, member of PleasrDAO, & more
  2. Amplice - lobsterdao member & visual specialist
  3. Pepo - contributor of Wonderland & DeFi LATAM
  4. Larry Cermak - VP of Research at TheBlock
  5. Sergey - founder of ICODrops
  6. Allan - founder of Yield
  7. Ilgiz - original math & product at Gearbox

Financial Multisig currently waiting to increase to 7 (after the DAO vote):

Each person on the list has public presence in the space and some level of trust from their respective communities. The group of contributors above is not even irl friends with each other, removing the security concern of a multisig being essentially a coup. The community is able to vote on enacting this multisig or otherwise voting against. If you vote against, please suggest other willing and volunteering candidates with technical experience and public reputation in the comments below.

Snapshot - VOTE


Quorum : 2% total supply of GEAR (200M out of 10B) in case of a winning YES or NO.
Period : 3 days, end time is Tuesday, December 21 evening UTC

For more information, see the governance blueprint:

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Hi ser, Pepo’s link is wrong. :point_right: https://twitter.com/0xPEPO

Thank you fixed! Added the link ser. - damnit the 50 symbols limit

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Curious why there are just 7 candidates.

Did it happen that only 7 candidates applied or there was a pre-screen process?

There wasn’t such a huge time period really for it, so this is the initial set who volunteered from those who has any semi-public presence in crypto. It should ideally be extended and increased for better response rate and security, which can be done quite easily after DAO votes.


Hello PEPO here,

I’m hereby verifying that I will be participating on the Financial Multi-sig with the address 0x786A4Eb282a6332871e4BaD890cE5960f1d12813

Verification tweet: https://twitter.com/0xPEPO/status/1473464861610938368?s=20

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