[GIP-50] subDAO VIBES budget Q2 and onboarding Rising Vista on OBRA


VIBES subDAO wants to ask Gearbox DAO treasury for 3,000,000 GEAR tokens and 25,000 USDC to continue marketing activities in Q2 2023. Also continue the work of VIBES subDAO in the development of PR, marketing and community.
Add monthly payment for Rising Vista (ivangbi) 7,000 USDC based on OBRA.


Under GIP-13 VIBES subDAO was created July 20, 2022 with an initial budget of 50,000 USDC and 10,000,000 GEAR; this budget was allocated for Q3 2022, but has not been fully utilized to this day.

You can see all the payments that were made by VIBES subDAO: VIBES subDAO Payroll

It is worth noting that with the beginning of 2023 there are more payments and most likely soon the budget will be exhausted (VIBES Q1 2023 payments and a large merchandise order are coming soon). In accordance with the model OBRA adopted DAO, we start the new Q2 2023 and want to get additional budget in advance to implement our marketing plans. This budget will probably also be used in Q3 2023 if not utilized in Q2. So we are not focusing on wasting the budget, but just replenishing our coffers to have the liquidity to accomplish our goals.

Key Results and goals

  • Higher twitter following. Previous cycle saw following 3x from 17k to 51k.
  • Higher twitter engagement, previous cycle saw a 72% increment over the May-June period and currently stands close to ATH.
  • Increasing PR department capabilities. Increase in KOLs, increase in Media outlets, increase in publications.
  • Higher Discord retention and more active chats.
  • Increase brand and V3 awareness, current V3 campaign and posts across KOLs and Gearbox have already crossed half a million views. Goal will be to deliver 2.5M views for Redefine.
  • Increase community base- Adding Сassava for specific Africa based expansion.
  • To increase general awareness and competence regarding use post community expansion. By creating a learning funnel from airdrop hunter → active community member → user → advanced user. Will help Gearbox and DeFi both grow.
  • Get more feedback about the product and its advantages/disadvantages through regular surveys of active users.

If you analyze the past experience, it seems that VIBES coped very well with the tasks that were set for themselves. For this we want to continue to develop the community, as well as to develop the KOLs direction, the referral program and the rest of the marketing and PR activities.

Budget for VIBES Q3

The suggested amount is 3.000.000 GEAR which corresponds to $45,000 worth at the GEAR price of 150M FDV [GEAR = $0.015]. This amount should be enough for Q2 2023. Additional replenishment of the budget may be required or, conversely, it will be transferred to Q3 2023. For the USDC side, it now has a use as an additional expense item for KOLs has been added. For now, we would like to request $25,000 for those who are strongly opposed to receiving GEAR as compensation. Although we always prefer the latter.

All payments and processes will be reported to the community in a report.

Add monthly payment for Rising Vista (ivangbi) 7,000 USDC based on OBRA.

You can read Ivangbi proposal here: Link
If the offer is accepted, Ivangbi will be able to receive 7,000 USDC per month from DAO if 1x is filled in. Ivangbi will not receive additional GEAR as an incentive.

He continues to advise DAO and in particular VIBES subDAO on marketing and other inherent things anyway. (Anyway) But he’s human, too, and he wants to eat. Also it is necessary to consider his attitude to the project, he has no liquid funds from Gearbox Protocol because he hasn’t sold any GEAR received from the early contributions.

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The DAO has to spend money to make money so no objections from me.

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