[GIP-54] TechOps Initiative Funding


This is porposal to start the Gearbox TechOps Initiative, which will maintain technical operations support of the protocol. At the moment, this initiative (starting from April) is being handled by me.


With the growth of the Gearbox protocol the workload on the development team in terms of operational support for the operation of the protocol has increased. Of course, the system itself works completely on-chain, contracts are immutable (although DAO can change various system parameters). However, a number of features require operational support: in particular, adding new pools, onboarding new assets, changing the parameters of current Policies, etc. These tasks do not require the development of code from scratch, however, they are quite sensitive (as well as any on-chain changes).

Accordingly, with the growth of the protocol, an additional level of operational complexity arises: the current team is busy with v3 (and will always be busy with new things), while it is necessary to correctly deploy the existing audited code and avoid stupid error. To solve this problem, it is required to start the operational subDAO unit (for example, similar to the TechOps Core Unit in MakerDAO MIP40c3-SP88: TechOps Core Unit DAI Budget - MIPs Archive - The Maker Forum).

Proposed budget

5k per month + bonus package according to OBRA framework (I would prefer 2 multiplier).

Additional expenses

The budget for Tenderly-Pro (x), which I propose to pay for Gearbox Foundation in addition to GIP-46 is not defined yet, we will use an extended trial for one month, then get a final price from the Tenderly team and make additional proposal.

tech ops is now one of bottlenecks… so support proposal!

This is coming from the smart contract dev overlords, can’t argue (joking, of course everyone can, but the costs discussed don’t seem to be out of the ordinary at all). Welcome (almost) ser @manylov <3


@manylov Good afternoon. I see that you have been working fruitfully for one month. You can send here the wallet to which the DAO should transfer USDC/GEAR.

Here it is: