[GIP-60] Istanbul ETHGlobal Funding

GM DAO members, let’s go outside & tell people about V3 once it launches ~


Need the $$ for Istanbul, to market the community, to make merch, to spread the word:

  • $40K for ETH Global itself, tier Pillar (third best out of four)
  • $10K for hacker prizes on ETHGlobal (in total for all devs)
  • Approx. $12-15K for merch (stickers, hoodies, etc.) which are to be confirmed in exact amounts
  • Approx. $15K for side event sponsorship (optionally), TBD if that is even planned to be done. Already one is planned, another could be planned given the budget allows for it.

PS: All the spending will get invoices / details on where the money went. Expecting refunds.

PSS: don’t worry, there is no treasury looting in a form of giving plane tickets for contributors who attend. No, no free trips and no free hotel stays (mfka, why not!). The costs quoted above are literally for promotional materials and for the organization itself.


V3 launch would be around September, so Istanbul should be a prime place for this. It will be the top-5 biggest Ethereum event of 2023. The goal for the event would be to vibe with the community, show the protocol, do something fun and engaging to grow the user base potentially, and in general meet everyone again in person (last time it was as old as Amsterdam April 2022, over a year ago). See here:

The goal is to make a BOOM SHAKALAKA attendance and take the event with a swing, hence the high tier chosen. At that point, V3 would be out and there would be no leverage ninja list - so the product can be pushed directly, and the goal is to use resources into making it possible!

ETH Global

In general, different tiers vary on a few points (attendees you can bring, whether you can include merch into goodie bags, whether you have more online presence, etc.) Meanwhile, what we all observed in Amsterdam - is that the damn table booth is a big differentiating factor. Hold on…

I know that sitting at those tables at conferences is a soul-draining experience. It’s exhausting and hard, especially when others are boozing at side events lol. BUT it was a huge factor, soooo many people and devs dropped by to learn about Gearbox. I am very much looking forward to boozing, while I fully expect @amplice @mugglesect @Van0k (and any DAO member who has perfect knowledge of the protocol and good English) to sit there and explain to by-standers what Gearbox does <3 No joke.

Apart from that, we get all the usual good stuff:

  • We get to have up to$10K prizes (attracts more devs, for branding)
  • Put our merch into goodie bags, stickers and such
  • Mr. Kartik doesn’t spit in our faces for selecting the lowest tier instead
  • dedicated workshop for dev(s) to shill our tichnolagy

Merch and Materials

We been working on the good merch for the last few months (slowly) to get the best quality out. Hoodies and caps are not cheap if done quality, plus you need stickers (a lot!) as well as some things to put into the goodie bags of all participants for branding. The exact costs can be provided later on as it’s finalized.

Stickers are generally cheap and good, merch can be pricy. I’d say $12K is max needed for it all.

PS: can’t really go without merch, good merch is very very important at such events.

Optional: Side Event(s)

In Amsterdam, we did a side event. Was good! Doing at least one side-event with good partners is usually a good idea and branding presence. $10K quoted is the cap, usually the range of like $5K is sufficient. There is no confirmed date or event yet, I just put it here to have a complete proposal for the budget. We can vote for the side event separately actually, doesn’t have to be the same vote.

Gearbox Protocol was started & founders by @0xmikko at ETH Global Market Make in January 2021.

We have a big history with ETH Global as a community and as a DAO, their team and Kartik have been supporting since the early days. So, hope you like the proposal, and let’s make a splash!


Love this, great timing too with the trading dApp and V3.

Great, let’s do it! Everything should be great

Support this. Could also be good to look into what media options ETH Global offers if you have not already @RisingV_ivangbi – could be cool to do some branding at the conference that way as well (podcasts, interviews, etc).

Not sure there are any, apart from the ones (if that’s what you mean) “sponsor lunch”, “sponsor official side event”, “insert your name into wifi” etc.

Discord forum topic and snapshot: