[GIP-61] Add Curve/Convex OHM-FraxBP to OHM pool


This is a suggestion to add Curve v2 pools into the Allowed List / AllowedContracts for Credit Account users, applicable to OHM pool.


There are a number of fairly high-yielding OHM farms on the market. Adding them as leverage farming options is a good opportunity to both attract new users and increase the organic yield in the pool (and as result increase DAO revenues). Idea to start with OHM-FraxBP, and later add other farm opportunities


This farm will be added to a existing Credit Manager as OHM pool already has strong limits, so there is no need to fragment it additionally:

  • Curve/Convex OHM-FraxBP: 88%

Price feed

Set price feed as Gearbox’s Curve and Convex pricing contracts for Curve & Convex OHM-FraxBP. See how other Curve pool oracles work here.

Important note : OHM has only OHM/ETH price feed (see link). This means for big ETH volatility cases it might cause liquidation even if OHM does not actually depeg relative to USD (see similar problem for stETH here).

Continuation in: Discord