[GIP-62] DLTExperts Onboarding and Contributor Update


The purpose of this proposal is to:

  • Ask the DAO permission to onboard company DLTExperts (by 0xmikko core developer) with the monthly compensation of 25,000 USDC (included software expenses, travel, and conference expenses) at 1x max multiplier, and no extra GEAR.

  • At the request of contributors doomsower, Rising Vista - allow the Foundation to sign formal agreements with them for their work as contractors on a multiplier basis (no change of pay or structure, just to formalize). At the inception of the DAO Foundation, it was mentioned that any contributor could potentially ask for this.

Onboarding DLTExperts

This proposal sets forth the creation of the Gearbox Protocol Development Initiative (GPDI), designed to lead technical efforts and encourage talented developers to contribute to the protocol. Given budgetary and planning limitations, the initiative is anticipated to begin with a single member.

Onboard DLTExperts Ltd. with the multiplier system, it would be 25,000 USDC at 1x. No extra GEAR to be granted.

The goal & mission of this initiative is to:

  • Assist with the smart contracts and general architecture as consultancy
  • Compensate for some of the maintenance work to be performed by DLTExperts Ltd.
  • Other efforts which could be assisted by DLTExperts Ltd.

Contracts for doomsower, Rising Vista, …

At the request of contributors themselves, they asked to be given contractor agreements. The DAO Foundation has the capacity to do so if the voters decide it’s fine to do so. There is no change of compensation here, it simply is a formalization of the already existing relationship.

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Voting started:

Voting was completed successfully, please send your ERC20 address for payment