[GIP-7] Add new tokens to AllowedTokens list V1

This proposal for adding new tokens to Allowed List policy

The motivation behind the proposal is that with increased limits (as per GIP-6)(link) - it will be more interesting for traders & farmers to open leveraged positions in the Gearbox. I focused primarily on a set of tokens that are now actively traded on dydx, perp and CEXes (and ofc has Chainlink oracle to ETH as the V1 current design only accepts that, but what is already improved in V2). Following that loguc, DeFi BlueChips and L1s are quite interesting to be available in Gearbox Protocol.

This product approach will and should be expanded to further product line! For now, the gist here is that it’s the effort to finalize test in prod stage with v1 before v2 comes out after audits. With this approach and new assets / higher limits - we can have users test V1 more, find all the remaining issues, and prepare for V2 to be even more crisp and enjoyable.

Asset LT for USDC,DAI Pools LT for WETH,WBTC Pools
CRV 77.5 77.5
SUSHI 77.5 77.5
LDO 75 75
FTM 72.5 72.5
LUNA 72.5 72.5

Link to snapshot voting



Do any of these have synergies with currently allowed protocols, or would they simply only be able to be purchased and held?

Buy and hold. Good to check leverage trading narrative before launching v2. More tokens to trade + more limits makes it more interesting for traders

In general this list looks good to me. Do we have any extra documents on supporting current proposed LTs for each token or they are determined more arbitrarily?

Looks good to me.
If anyone curious about historical volatility of these tokens, you could filter them in my report that collects chainlink price-feed data:


The Univswap liquidity of FTM and LUNA are $7.7m and $5.9m respectively, are they enough?

i guess the proposal is fine, and let’s put it into action asap.
BTW, LUNA is quite popular right and maybe need more lq?

@amantay @ilgiz please check this sers, numbers! Need to make sure.

10M in Luna/ETH pool and 16M in FTM/ETH pool. actually this numbers not so different from liquidity for other tokens that already in AllowedTokens list.

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Okay, the previous numbers are from dexscreener, maybe dexcreener has some errors. I checked on the uniswap, 10M in Luna/ETH pool and 16M in FTM/ETH pool should be fine.

Implemented by multisig: Discord