How to automate position monitoring?

As per subject. Did anyone already scripted this?

I don’t see any…

@BYLI started implementation of Discord bot that tracks liquidations, but it was for v1, idk current stage of this project.

Anyway, your idea is a little bit different and sounds good. I see 2 different scopes:

  1. tg/discord notifications bot, that sends you DM if health factor drops below some value…
  2. Automation tool that automatically sends tx and closes position if HF drops…

1 is simpler, 2nd idea is more difficult in implementation, but still should be doable.
Think this is awesome idea if any dev wanna apply to grant.

For now (1) would do. Give the ninja a chance to close/deleverage or top up position.

Hello, it’s a good idea.

But similar to @apeir99n said, basically, we need to build our base infra. Migrate the liquidation bot to V2 and the monitor in the position, health factor, etc.

After we finished the above tasks, we can start to connect to tg/discord, to send notifications.

And then after we finish the basic notification feature, we can start to add some more fancy features. For example, let user subscript their own address, etc

For what I have done before, like 2-3 months ago, I build a poc version to direct the liquidation information to discord. You can check this code base.

If you are interested in this topic, we can have some discussion and plan.

maybe we can polish this idea and apply for grant?

actually I see the need to launch a grant program for such initiatives. It’s good that community already started this discussions