Idea: Additional Marketing

  1. Intro:

Gearbox V2 is coming out soon, and then we expect tokens unlock. Therefore, I want to discuss additional ways to competently promote the project on the Internet. In this article, I want to discuss ways to promote and spread information about Gearbox not on Discord or Twitter, but in other sources of information about the crypto world.

I sincerely believe that it is necessary to promote Gearbox competently and professionally. You need to make sure that all the necessary information about the Gearbox Protocol is collected on the major portals about the crypto industry. Information must be reliable, unified and ordered. Many users become confused when different sites have conflicting or incomplete information about a project.

I consider this an important part of the marketing and advertising campaign of the project. A professional and serious approach to posting information will serve as an additional criterion for the trust of crypto users in the Gearbox Protocol. Many projects forget about additional advertising channels for the product other than Twitter and Discord and miss out on additional advertising for their project and the opportunity to attract new users.

The launch of the project to the masses occurs only once. So, let’s show users that we care about all the adherents of our product!

  1. Aggregator sites:

** - a portal that, in addition to classical information about cryptocurrency, is also notable for the fact that it displays the rounds of investing in a project, the growth in the price of a token after investing, etc. In addition, on the site you can see what other projects investors have invested money in and at what stage. The average number of visitors to the site is about 1.1 million per month. The Gearbox token is already there, however, the information on the site is a bit incorrect. It is necessary to contact the site administration and adjust the stages and amounts of investment, as well as the companies / people who are investors. Now only one round of investment is displayed there, but even it shows extra investors and the wrong amount of investment. You also need to add a couple of official Gearbox links: telegram channel (Telegram: Contact @GearboxProtocol), blog ( and snapshot (Snapshot). In addition, this site contains a link to a non-Gearbox Protocol Facebook page (Gearbox). - very popular crypto aggregator. The monthly number of visitors is about 40 million users per month. The Gear token is there, however, it cannot be found through a search on the site. In order to open the Gearbox Protocol page, you need to enter the query “Gearbox Protocol Coingecko” in a Google search. The probable reason is indicated on the site itself - “No trading activity recorded by exchanges integrated on CoinGecko in the past 2 months”. Before unlocking the token or before launching V2, you need to contact the administration so that Gearbox Protocol can again be found through the search on the site itself. Also need to add a couple of official Gearbox links: telegram channel (Telegram: Contact @GearboxProtocol), blog ( and snapshot (Snapshot). - the largest crypto aggregator. 120 million visitors per month. It is necessary to complete the Gearbox page - add a couple of official Gearbox links: telegram channel (Telegram: Contact @GearboxProtocol), blog ( and snapshot (Snapshot). It is also necessary to add the history of investments and the planned stages of investment in the project. - classic crypto aggregator. The average number of site visitors is about 100,000 per month. Gearbox has already been added. It is necessary to supplement information regarding the distribution and distribution of the token. We can also add other members of the Gearbox team. Also need to add a couple of official Gearbox links: telegram channel (Telegram: Contact @GearboxProtocol), blog ( and snapshot (Snapshot). ( and The monthly number of visitors is about 2 million users. It is necessary to contact the administration to create the «Profile tab» (other projects on this site have it). In this tab, you need to add information about Gearbox: roadmap, general description, tokenomics, investors, official links (website, twitter, medium, telegram, etc.). At the moment, the Gearbox protocol page does not have this information at all. - The monthly number of visitors is about 2.7 million users. Information needs to be added to the Gearbox page: a couple of official Gearbox links: telegram channel (Telegram: Contact @GearboxProtocol), blog (,youtube), youtube ( and snapshot (Snapshot). In addition, there is another page on the site of some other Gearbox (Gearbox Price, GEARBOX Live Chart, All-Time High & Market Cap (USD) | Nomics), but it is empty. This is probably an accidental duplicate, it is necessary to draw the attention of the administration and assign the Gearbox Protocol a normal link without page duplicates. In addition, we can invite the administration to add a couple of news on the Gearbox page.

Note: This list does not include sites that typically add information about the token and the project after listing or unlocking the token.

In addition, there are large sites that publish information not on quotes and tokenomics, but on news about the project. It may be necessary to make a separate list and invite the administration of these sites to add news about Gearbox (if it will be free). I can do this selection separately.

  1. Additional tools:

Basic Presentation Page: We can create a page with short and concise information about the Gearbox Protocol, which will be useful to other aggregator sites, influencers and portals in case of need.

The basic presentation should include:

  • list of links to all official Gearbox portals (twitter, youtube, snapshot, etc.)
  • general information about the product and its basic features;
  • convenient and structured information about tokenomics;
  • up-to-date information on investments: list of investors, investment rounds and amounts, etc.;
  • other important information about the project.

I know that all this information can still be found today, however, as we saw in the previous section, even the largest crypto sites post either incomplete or erroneous information about Gearbox. The information collected in brief on one page will greatly facilitate the work of third parties.

Gearbox Pictures and Graphics: For a better experience when creating Gearbox content, we need to place a basic set of Gearbox-related emblems, logos, and graphics in different document formats (png, jpg, etc.). These drawings must be placed both on the above “Basic Presentation Page” and on special portals like

The logos can be found on github, however, making these images easier to access will serve as an additional tool for journalists, influencers, and other third parties.

  1. Social connections:

Reddit: Apparently, Gearbox has a page on Reddit, but this page is empty Everyone knows the popularity of Reddit. Nearly 2 billion users visit the site every month. There is a discussion of everything and everyone here. Crypto projects have long successfully used Reddit as an additional channel for information and advertising campaigns. I think that Gearbox should also use this opportunity and revive their page on Reddit. After the launch of V2 and the unlock of tokens, a surge of activity and discussion is quite possible, we need to help users with this. There is no need to use mass shills and spam mailings, competent page management and periodic coverage of information on the project are enough, and Gearbox’s friendly and lively interaction with users and page visitors is also enough.

Telegram: finally, I will raise the issue of another traditional information channel - Telegram. Gearbox has an official channel (Telegram: Contact @GearboxProtocol). This channel occasionally publishes some news. There is currently no chat. It might be worth building Gearbox Chat in the future. It should be noted that there is an opinion that communication should take place in Discord, however, I think that chat in Telegram is also necessary to popularize the product.

Additionally, I want to highlight a nuance for the future: tracking fake accounts on Telegram and Twitter that deceive gullible users. This can be done occasionally, but if a major fraudulent channel suddenly appears that pretends that this is the Gearbox Protocol, you need to file a complaint promptly.

  1. Afterword:

I tried to fit in this message my proposal for marketing and popularization of the project, as well as to simplify the dissemination of information about Gearbox. I am against stupid shilling, spam mailings and other annoying things. Our goal is to competently and professionally convey information about the Gearbox Protocol to as many crypto users as possible. In the end - let’s break into the crypto market and make some noise! Go Gearbox!

This document is hosted on Google Docs in two languages. In English - link. In Russian - link. You can propose your own changes, supplement information, etc.

I would be grateful to everyone for additions to this proposal (websites, links, additional advertising channels, etc.).

In the event that the proposals resonate - I can do more in-depth work on this list of specified tasks!

Thank you for the detailed summarization. I also want to emphasize the importance of having correct and comprehensive metadata input on aggregator sites, especially CMC and CoinGecko (I believe they have most of the users.)

Also would be happy to translate if you wish to make this a more formal document.


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Thanks for the feedback sir. I will think about how to organize work in this direction in the most organic way and write to you.