Multisig Ceremony - APPLY

Hey everyone!
Would also like to help.

Don’t have an multisig experience yet, but I am digging deeper and deeper into crypto. Meaning I am a dev who is transitioning full-time into web3.

I am on CET (Vienna/Austria)


Hello everyone,

Keen to become the DAO multisig.
Can handle both the technical and the financial ones (have both dev and finance experience).
My timezone is UTC+13(12).
Haven’t been a multisig before.


Hello, I am PEPO and I am volunteering for the Financial Treasury Multisig.

I’m a co-founder of DeFi Wonderland, from where we contribute to projects of the DeFi ecosystem, and a contributor to DeFi LATAM, from where we educate the hispanic community.

I’ve personally contributed and helped several projects in the space and I am a very active member in the ecosystem, with my main objective being the preservation of ethical, ethos and security standards.

My time zone is UTC-3


  • I’m a small Gearbox SAFT holder.
  • DeFi LATAM is an airdrop recipient (due to Kovan Beta Testing)
  • I’m personally interested on DeFi Wonderland contributing to the protocol as an external contributor.


I’d be interested in volunteering to be on both (or either) of the multisigs. Probably more suited to be on the finance one, I am not a dev (at least not a serious one) but can understand tech stuff from an overview/broad perspective and how all the pieces fit together.

Some of you might know me from lobster chat, I made a few gearbox and lobsterNFT meme/hype vids. I’ve also done a lot of vids for Sushi and have also worked with a couple of other projects on memetic stuff.

I’m on one multisig, the BASED skeleton key multisig which holds some assets from various
BASED projects, although its mostly memes and not so much tx signing these days.

My background is finance, a bit of a hobbyist dev, I like memes and shitposting.

I’m on UTC time


Hi, I’m Alex - co-founder of deBridge which is cross-chain interoperability and liquidity transfer protocol. I’ve been following the progress of Gearbox for quite a while, excited about what the team is building and I feel that it’s one of the puzzle pieces needed by the current DeFi ecosystem

I am a blockchain developer and I’m in crypto since 2016 when I started to be involved in Bitshares and Steemit communities. Since 2017 I led Phenom - blockchain development studio where I managed several internal multisigs and non-publicly also helped a few projects as an independent escrow.

I’ll be glad to assist with any of the two multisigs or with both simultaneously. As for technical multisig — I have knowledge on how to form an arbitrary Gnosis Safe transaction or how to validate transaction data

My Twitter handle is AlexSmirnov__, feel free to reach out if you have any questions



Gm, everybody. I am volunteering for the Financial Treasury Multisig.
My timezone is UTC+1.
Haven’t been a multisig before.

I have been in the community for a while. I believe Gearbox could become a key protocol in the DeFi ecosystem. it could unite the current protocols and offer better financial service for everybody. would love to spend my time to build the future of France with you guys together.


most people are English users, sir
please use English only. Thanks


Hi, Sergey from ICO Drops ( here

I am ready to help as a volunteer with multisig (financial)


Hey all,

I’m volunteering to be on the Technical Multisig. I have been in the space for a few years now and have a technical background, mainly on the front-end but have decent hands on experience with web3 governance. I’m UTC+2 and have served on multisigs previously (proposing/signing).


Here, let me take the liberty to say hello to my family. I love you as a part of the community. I participated in the early test of the project and also felt the enthusiasm and attitude of everyone in the community. I really want to and actively integrate into the big family. Not many but I have passion I have the confidence to help the community do something I am a self-media blogger with 8100 followers I want to contribute my energy to the community I want to be involved

Are you trying to apply for multisig ser? If so, please provide some more context / your media presence to derive some sort of community trust from as a data point / time zone. Basically, see above.

I was going through the latest Notion report and noticed that one signer is basically MIA. It’s not very efficient and can at some point affect safety in times when asap multisig quorum is required. Would suggest to rotate out the signer (which would require a separate vote, of course) and add another volunteer. The question is, who could this be? Needs to be technical enough to understand the signatures and be able to check the calldata or whatever that stuff is called + be often online.


I don’t have the data for the financial multisig, but have observed similar. So it seems:

  • 1 new member for the tech multisig (needs to be semi-dev at least & understand txs)
  • 2 new members for the financial multisig (doesn’t require dev knowledge)
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Hey there,
So quick introduction following @RV_ivangbi request.
My discord’s nickname is toto#6328
I have a master degree in computer science. I have been in the blockchain field since 2017 (started with homemade rigs in order to mine eth, then full retard investor)
I would be happy to help and to be part of the multisig. To be fully transparent it will be the first multisig that I will participate but since I have a decent technical knowledge so I don’t think I will cause any problem to the DAO.
Love the gearbox project and I would like to involve myself a bit more. I am present almost everyday because I love this crazy industry so you can count on me to be online. I always take my laptop with me even during vacation.
I hope the introduction is enough. Don’t hesitate to PM on discord if you need more info.

Ser, I am ready to join the financial multisig. As we said earlier, we need processes to work faster. The last transfers took 2 days to confirm, I think you are right and if you add a couple of people it can help. As you know, I am almost 24/7 available and it will not be difficult for me to perform confirmations.

It seems to me in both cases we need a person who is semi-dev at least & understand txs.

  1. new member for the tech multisig (needs to be semi-dev at least & understand txs)
  2. new members for the financial multisig (needs to be semi-dev at least & understand txs)

Hi , iam bizyugo iam ready to help as a multisig ( Financial )
My discord is bananacrypto#0933
Im currently Rank 1 on debank & Rank 2 on Degenscore
happy to support gearbox

Hi, I am Alex Euler , I am volunteering for the Tech Multisig.

I’m a builder at and a tech nerd.

My time zone is UTC +4

EOA: 0x66a3c94814dc3a37C9d61f1a977ea3730c621426

Hi, I am Alex P , I am dev and I’m volunteering for the Tech Multisig.

I’m a builder at GTON Protocol and a tech nerd.

My time zone is GMT+4 (Dubai, UAE)

EOA: 0xcD25fFc7888e0cA96014dC729394E8F09Faf7706

Hi all, I’m Hammeiam and am volunteering for the Tech multisig.

I’m Head of Engineering at Saddle Finance, and I enjoy writing farming scripts and making some open source contributions in my free time.

@hammeiam on Twitter and GitHub, hammeiam | Saddle#7482 on discord.

1088 Degen score.

Hello, I’m DuckDegen, an engineer at heart with a love for helping others succeed.
I love projects that can have a net positive impact for the community, and I’ve been following gearbox since its launch, am a Credit Account minter, and helped the protocol write the original version of the technical docs.
I have published trading bots in the past, and used to work in developer relations for other DeFi protocols.

I currently am travelling in Asia for the next half year, but have my notifications awaken me for important stuff 24/7 , and have been in positions previously where time critical responses are a key part of my job duties.

My ENS is duckdegen.eth .

Looking forward to serving this community at my best capacity!