Multisig Ceremony - APPLY

I was going through the latest Notion report and noticed that one signer is basically MIA. It’s not very efficient and can at some point affect safety in times when asap multisig quorum is required. Would suggest to rotate out the signer (which would require a separate vote, of course) and add another volunteer. The question is, who could this be? Needs to be technical enough to understand the signatures and be able to check the calldata or whatever that stuff is called + be often online.


I don’t have the data for the financial multisig, but have observed similar. So it seems:

  • 1 new member for the tech multisig (needs to be semi-dev at least & understand txs)
  • 2 new members for the financial multisig (doesn’t require dev knowledge)
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Hey there,
So quick introduction following @ivangbi request.
My discord’s nickname is toto#6328
I have a master degree in computer science. I have been in the blockchain field since 2017 (started with homemade rigs in order to mine eth, then full retard investor)
I would be happy to help and to be part of the multisig. To be fully transparent it will be the first multisig that I will participate but since I have a decent technical knowledge so I don’t think I will cause any problem to the DAO.
Love the gearbox project and I would like to involve myself a bit more. I am present almost everyday because I love this crazy industry so you can count on me to be online. I always take my laptop with me even during vacation.
I hope the introduction is enough. Don’t hesitate to PM on discord if you need more info.

Ser, I am ready to join the financial multisig. As we said earlier, we need processes to work faster. The last transfers took 2 days to confirm, I think you are right and if you add a couple of people it can help. As you know, I am almost 24/7 available and it will not be difficult for me to perform confirmations.

It seems to me in both cases we need a person who is semi-dev at least & understand txs.

  1. new member for the tech multisig (needs to be semi-dev at least & understand txs)
  2. new members for the financial multisig (needs to be semi-dev at least & understand txs)

Hi , iam bizyugo iam ready to help as a multisig ( Financial )
My discord is bananacrypto#0933
Im currently Rank 1 on debank & Rank 2 on Degenscore
happy to support gearbox