[PRE-GIP 2/3] START Gearbox Allowed Tokens and Protocols

For univ2 - rebasing tokens would not work; however, sOHM is the rebasing token & OHM is not (designed to be the unit of account).

OHM (while volatile) - is quite an active pair on Sushi. However, as mentioned, we are in progress of migration to v2. It would be best to wait - it should not take long for most of our liquidity to be in the new new version.

Agree on the list - and supportive of FEI given their recent v2 launch as well.


I would also suggest to open the protocol with a small allowed token list. this could be a good choice not only from a safety perspective but also from the token utility perspective.

the vision of Gearbox is to offer leverage as a service. a good go-to-market strategy could be like:
1, offer the service to a small group to prove the product-market fit and also as marketing.
2, gradually grow the customer base and community.
3, build a strong brand and make gearbox the center place for leverage.

in order to prove the product-market fit, I would recommend adding yvDAI and yvUSDC to the list. from the token utility perspective, instead of adding more tokens, I think we should discuss which token that ov3rkoalafied and vasilysumanov proposed could be excluded from the list. I would prefer them to come vote for the Gear service :wink:


hi the vote is here? i like gear ,hope join Gearbox Governance.

MIM has only USD Chainlink oracle. @0xmikko correct me if I’m wrong, but existing design can use only eth-based oracles?

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Vote will be on Snapshot - will put link here when it starts

Convex is good to add, but adapter for it isn’t ready yet :pensive:

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For current version, we needed ASSET/ETH pricefeed to be able to add.

Suggestions on voting

We set 2 token strategies for Snapshot, one is to hold GEAR, and another token is issued to vote for other airdrop personnel only

After the voting, the airdrop personnel will exchange temporary voting tokens for GEAR

But we need to consider a gas problem

Or deploy voting-only tokens in Polygon to allow early testers and contribution value to claim

I use translation, please point out if there is an error

I really would love to see Toke on there; if we cant get it first round lets make sure its on the second. I think gOHM and CVX on second round would make sense as well.

I think CVX also makes a lot of sense too, especially if we are going to be leveraging Curve.

So, it’s time to move forward. As a resume of discussion

[PRE GIP-2]Allowed Contracts

  1. Uniswap v2. Contract address: 0x7a250d5630B4cF539739dF2C5dAcb4c659F2488D
  2. Uniswap V3. Contract address: 0xE592427A0AEce92De3Edee1F18E0157C05861564
  3. Sushiswap same adapter as UNI V2. Contract address: 0xd9e1cE17f2641f24aE83637ab66a2cca9C378B9F
  4. Yearn yUSDC. Contract address: 0x5f18C75AbDAe578b483E5F43f12a39cF75b973a9
  5. Yearn yDAI. Contract address: 0xdA816459F1AB5631232FE5e97a05BBBb94970c95
  6. CRV 3Pool. Contract address: 0xbEbc44782C7dB0a1A60Cb6fe97d0b483032FF1C7

[PRE GIP-3]Allowed Tokens

Added all the tokens that were in the discussion, which seem to be safe enough for the start. I propose to add this as a list - and then the community will choose any number from list below…

what do you think? if it’s ok - will put it on snapshot

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Gm. Add everything related to abracadabra. $mim $spell ….

Reduce the LT for non stables between 60 to 75 max.

To whom it may concern,

Good afternoon, I see that there are 2 Uniswap contracts and 2 Yearn contracts but CRV only has 1. I believe it will be only fair to also add CRV Tricrypto2 pool for the following reasons:

  1. Evenly distribute the number of contracts for each protocol.
  2. This is my favorite pool which I have gotten liquidated many times and I want to use Gearbox to redeem myself.
  3. It has the highest volume on a daily basis at over $100m/day, generates a modest 18% yield on Convex all while allowing a user to have exposure to both BTC and ETH making it a highly attractive pool to leverage.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I hope you have a nice day!

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Would you please mind throwing this into the GIP @akita? Link here:

If you don’t mind, will close the topic here to funnel the conversation there.

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