Retroactive Proposal: Funding a Dubai Boat Party with GEAR Tokens - Strengthening our Community

Dear Gearbox DAO community,

We would like to propose a retroactive allocation of 300,000 GEAR tokens from the Gearbox treasury towards funding a boat party in Dubai. The event provided an opportunity for our members to come together, socialize, and network while enjoying music, drinks, and activities on a boat in Dubai.

As a DAO, transparency and accountability are important to us. We provide this retroactive funding proposal to ensure that the event expenses are fully accounted for in a transparent manner.

Furthermore, the boat party will take place during the ETH Dubai event, providing a unique opportunity to showcase Gearbox and its new version 3 to potential new members and collaborators in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. By using GEAR tokens, we will be able to demonstrate the value and utility of our token while creating a memorable experience for our members.

The retroactive funding of 300,000 GEAR tokens will cover the cost of boat rental and other necessary expenses associated with the party.

We urge all members to vote in favor of this proposal on the Gearbox snapshot page to demonstrate our commitment to creating value for our community and showcase the potential of our token.

Finally, we propose to have some fun and make this boat party truly unforgettable. This will include creating an awful flyer of Ivan’s face and a techno remix of his voice message rants on telegram. This will further strengthen our community and foster a sense of fun and togetherness among our members.

Thank you for your attention and support.



  1. retroactive ie paid after the event?
  2. who will verify the event happened?
  3. given it’s retroactive, there should be a more defined plan / list of deliverables so that it can be proven the event happened and the funding was spent appropriately.
  4. why are you qualified to oragnize this?
  5. when?

bare minimum updates needed assuming this is a serious proposal (benefit of the doubt)

full support in ivan voice message remixes. All night.

amazing initiative! should get support 100%. we need more offline events like this one around the world! bullish af frens!

Crying and laughing at the same time.

Citadel chads doing an absolute banger… sadly I wasn’t even there, but heard it was awesome.

POINT: Don’t think I would vote to support Gareth’s alcohol addition with the DAO treasury, but doesn’t look like this is going to a vote anyway. The event, jokes aside - did mention Gearbox & did have cool people on board - so conceptually speaking, in the future maybe some small events initiative (like VIBES but for tiny sponsor packages) could make sense. Not suggesting that, just helping with understanding the new framework: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

The main DAO, as suggested here, would be (imho) bad / degrading vote signalling to use funds this way. I am quite sure the OP themselves would be not happy if this were to pass, let’s be honest.

Ha-ha though :slight_smile: