Signalling for Protocols to be Added

As we discussed on Community Calls (see the recap PDF here) - it’s time to choose what protocols should be added first. Details on some strategies could also be seen here:

Technically speaking, possibilities are quite endless in a matter of weeks or months - after the oracle research expands its capabilities. However, for now it’s best to stick to a more strict framework based on what features have already been tested and are more of a sure thing. To understand these better, check this framework for how to add a protocol or asset, details technical boundaries:

So far, community offered various protocols to add. They can be divided into the following groups:

  • Trading on DEXes (Bancor, 1inch, Cowswap)
  • LPing to DEXes (Uni V2 LP/ Sushi LPs, Uni V3, Curve LP)
  • Leveraged Farms (Convex, Yield, Badgerdao, Alchemix, Element)
  • Leveraged Structured Products (Ribbon, Opium)
  • Leveraged CDPs (Maker, Reflexer, Abracadabra/MIM, Liquity)

The purpose of this poll is to understand the preferences of the community (and not only ours, since the integration affects not only Gearbox, but also the added protocols - they get TVL and users). Knowing community preferences will help DAO to prioritize its job, as everything cannot be done at once.

Polling rules are pretty simple: you must select 5 protocols you’d prefer to see next. There is no point to bot this poll because it doesn’t actually guarantee anything to be added, it’s just a benchmark for the dev team to consider priorities. Over time, it’s quite likely that all of these might be added.

Help the DAO devs figure it out!

  • Bancor
  • 1inch
  • Cowswap
  • DODO
  • Curve LP
  • Uni V2 / Sushi LP
  • Convex
  • Ribbon
  • Opium
  • Element Finance
  • Yield
  • Badgerdao
  • Alchemix
  • Maker
  • Abracadabra
  • Liquity
  • Reflexer

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PS: noting that these votes are not like binding or anything, just a sentiment gauge. The full list of what community members propose & chat on can be monitored in the risk committee dashboard:


YAAAA BOIIII this is great.
Is “Yield” an actual protocol or meant to indicate general yield strategies?

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it’s real one (they re innovators of fixed yield in DeFi)


my choice is simple! I am for the majority! Uni V2 and Sushi LP :sushi: :sushi: :sushi:

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unfortunately looks like Yield is pretty much under the radar for many chads. also I believe the issue here maybe that there were some rather scammy protocols with “Yield” word

In my opinion, the early focus should be on supporting the most popular yield farming strategies that are most commonly conducted on Curve / Convex and UNI V2 / Sushi.

It is also essential to integrate trading at competitive rates. As Cowswap / Gnosis Protocol v2 already integrates all DEX aggregators, I would personally assign Cowswap the highest priority in the DEX (aggregator) category.

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I’d propose projects which have single-asset staking for approved tokens.

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If 1inch is there, why not include paraswap also. Paraswap is basically in the same league of Dex aggregator.

Some quick feedback:

Would love to see a Ribbon integration, but as previously discussed it’s probably one of the trickier ones to implement due to the weekly locking of funds inside ribbon vaults.
Besides that, Convex & Curve are probably the most interesting ones imo.

Uni V2 / Sushi LP i think is kind of useless by itself? Since LPing on v2 is mostly done for yield farming and not for the fees.

How about Notional? Leading fixed rate protocol with good TVL and high yields

I would really like to see Pendle added. They have rate swaps as well however the YT’s and OTs trade separately. This means that 1. there is long duration swaps 2. you can buy both and repair them to exit the trade at any time.

I also like Balancer for their new incentived pools. but it isn’t in the list

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What about FEI? The merge with rari is quite interesting.

Included in the sheet, you are right, just nobody voiced it before:

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Added both of those to the main risk committee list @jotatotal @hzariki @Gondee @weistack


Haven’t try all those protocols just Voted for the most familiar ones :upside_down_face:

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If someone interested to discuss technical implementation - pls go to Adapters Design for New Protocols.
It’s an initial draft, but I hope we can quickly release designs for Top protocols from signalling…

Hi , i think should be interesting add apy finance a stable coin yield farm optimizer for stable coin ( actually 29% - optimize through convex,curve )


Good to meet you all. I represent Maven 11 capital which is a Pool Delegate on Maple Finance platform. Maple is a decentralized corporate debt marketplace that specialises in undercollateralized loans that are issued to top crypto trading firms such as Alameda or Wintermute. We would be very much interested to integrate with gearbox. Right now, we have an USDC pool which we manage but we also launch a wETH pool in mid February. Let us know if you would be interested to talk and learn more.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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