Start Here - Forum Rules

GM gm, welcome to the forum!

This is a place for qualitative-quantitive discussions with stricter rules, in order to make governance work easier and more pleasant for everyone involved. If you want to just chat on random topics, ask questions, and suggest semi-raw ideas - please do so on Discord, not here.

The process for a proposal or idea should be the following:

  1. Discord chatter. Think of your idea and send it on Discord as a discussion point, in general or somewhere else where you think the best fit it (don’t worry, mods can help you figure it out). See what other community members say, try to refine your own original thoughts.
  1. Discussion in Main section on this forum. If the idea made sense to the community, you can word it properly and post it as a new topic (unless you find one that was addressing the same issue before) and post it as new on #MAIN. Make sure to make use of counter-arguments you received before and give it a solid few days minimum to get forum sentiment on which direction other governance participants are thinking about the topic.
  2. Sentiment check in Proposals section on this forum. Once you have all the details you need and you think that the idea should be voted on by token holders, post a GIP in the #proposals section with concrete details, parameters, and the code piece you would like to be included in the transaction for the DAO multisig. In case you are not technical, seek help from other Gearbox members to either create that technical overview in step 2 or do it right during for snapshot vote.
  3. Snapshot vote. Post a snapshot vote yourself or ask somebody who has enough voting power to do that for you. Make sure to adhere to the latest governance rules as found in the protocol docs to select the time period for voting and articulate on the voting options clearly.
  4. Multisig execution. If your vote gets quorum support, multisig should sign it. GGWP, done!

For all governance questions, please refer to the protocol docs: