The Rollup DAO Success Program

The Rollup DAO Success Program:


Executive Summary:

The Rollup DAO Success Program is committed to helping blockchain-based organizations achieve their business goals and scale community reach. With our end-to-end community support, we work closely with clients to identify weaknesses and provide customized solutions to improve DAO-wide coordination and meet specific goals.

To ensure the success of our program, we have developed a comprehensive action plan timeline which includes short-term and ongoing tasks. Starting the week of July 1st, we begin implementing weekly activities. In the short term, we focus on Gearbox data and market analysis threads, create videos explaining competitive advantages and use cases of the product, and produce Twitter threads to offer in-depth updates, research insights, and promotions for the community.

Our omnichannel content posting will include sharing content across all platforms, including Lens, Spotify, YouTube, Twitter, Website, and LinkedIn. We also drive website traffic by incorporating banner marketing, promotions, pop-up adverts, logos, and links on In addition, we offer recurring business development consultations to audit BD functions and ensure our clients are on track to meet their treasury goals.

At the Rollup DAO Success Program, we are committed to delivering value to our clients through a combination of expertise, experience, and active contribution. Our goal is to help DAOs achieve their business objectives and succeed in the fast-paced and rapidly evolving world of blockchain applications. Specifically with Gearbox, our content is oriented around SOLELY education, never shilling or discussing token price or excessive speculation. We pride ourselves on being education focused.


Community Growth / Organic Engagement / Onboard New Users To Gearbox
Support Product Vision / Teach Community Product Usecases


Weekly implementation starting the week of July 1st

Content Plan:

  1. Incorporate Gearbox data into market analysis threads [see & → Andy thread upon partnership collab

  2. Gearbox video explaining the advantages / use case of the product → Intro session, dapp demo on v2/ upcoming upgrade with some special incentive → early-mid July - no guest needed

  3. 3+ Twitter threads in depth updates, usages, promotions → 1 on overview of data/stats from Gearbox + 1 on strategies & outlook on roadmap items and partner integrations + 1 intro project thread ‘alpha leak’ from Andy’s account

  4. Twitter clips from all interviews and podcasts and retweets/engagement on any content around for further amplification (example:

  5. 2+ twitter spaces AMAs for broadening awareness, launch, and strategic industry partnerships with other notable DeFi protocols

  6. Full podcast → middle of August → example:

  7. Guest blog post on our newsletter → middle of July → example 💬 Revolutionizing the Cross-Chain Crypto User Journey w/ LI.FI and Wido - The Rollup

  8. Infographic creation ->We will create visually appealing infographics that highlight the key features and benefits of Gearbox. These infographics can be shared on social media and included in blog posts to help increase engagement and attract attention, example →

  9. Interactive content: Will create interactive content, such as quizzes, polls, and games, that help engage your audience and provide them with valuable insights about Gearbox →

Ongoing Tasks & Action Plan:

  • Website marketing - Banner marketing, promotions, Pop up adverts, logo, and links on, podcast audio sponsorship, banner on all newsletters, included in rollup roundup each friday
  • Omnichannel Content Posting - Lens, Spotify, YouTube Twitter, Website, LinkedIn Posting for all content we do together and reposting content and sharing across media partners
  • Strategic partnership discovery for Gearbox integration of services into existing communities, make connections for potential B2B sales and increase B2C visibility


Andy twitter

The Rollup Twitter


18.1K on Twitter

13.8K on Andy Twitter

3.3k YouTube Subs

2800 Newsletter Subs

300+ Downloads Per Spotify

Case Studies

“As the CMO at InsurAce, I have had the privilege of working closely with Defi Slate and I can confidently say that it has been a fruitful collaboration since we partnered up in 2021. Defi Slate has a solid reputation as an expert in the DeFi space, and we have benefited greatly from their knowledge and experience. Together, we have created a wide range of content that has significantly increased awareness of InsurAce within the DeFi community. Their dedication and commitment to excellence have been a driving force behind the success of our collaboration. I am extremely proud of what we have achieved together so far and excited about the potential of our continued partnership to make a lasting impact in the industry.”

“Since 2021, it has been a pleasure collaborating closely with Defi Slate to create impactful content that is making a real difference in the DeFi space. Defi Slate has been a pioneer in educating users on the world of DeFi, providing great value and expertise. Together, we’ve worked to provide content across various mediums to amplify the dHEDGE brand awareness and provide insights into DeFi. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together so far and look forward to continuing to make waves in the industry.”

So far it’s been a very positive experience - professional comms, honoring of deadlines, no need to overexplain anything since the team is competent in all things defi/web3 and offers their own input on potential promo/info strategies.This also brings flexibility when delays in feature roll-out & related content creation throw off the schedule, which is very common and having the ability to simply push back and reschedule things makes for a very pleasant cooperation.Handling of payments, intuitive understanding of the brand and appropriate content and co-marketing effort are all top tier. Only negative - platform reach is fairly small currently, so short term engagement could be better.

Our collaboration with DeFi slate has been an incredible journey. It’s been exciting to witness their growth and evolution over the past year. From an initial chat to a long-term partnership, they have become one of our top ambassadors. Their content, CT narratives, and even their shitposting are all kickass, and their ability to stay ahead of the curve is truly impressive. I’m looking forward to teaming up with them to create some truly outstanding campaigns ahead.

Proposed Compensation

  • $8,000 USDC, ETH, or GEAR equivalent
  • Expected timeline: July-September


  • Schedule content, schedule discovery, create adverts on
  • Begin content production

All details found here-> Gearbox - The Rollup Launch Campaign Plan - Google Docs

Hey Andy boss,

Thanks for this.

At a monthly level, this equals

  1. 1 Thread(For key Gearbox updates) or 3-4 tweets about sub-key updates
  2. Retweets for Gearbox
  3. 1 twitter space
  4. Website marketing

Additionally, there will be

  • 1 Podcast
  • 1 Product Video

For a period of 4 months(July-September), given the sub base and engagement level we can do closer to $3.5K. This is in line with what we payout to other KOLs and content creators we have onboarded through VIBES

Mugglesect, seems fair and can definitely achieve those. 1 twitter space/month will definitely depend on your availability but the rest is very reasonable. Looking forward to starting, first have a few Qs:

  1. How do you prefer compensation? Timeline/type?

  2. Can we do an even $4k and meet at 50% of our original suggestion?

  3. When would you like to begin?

Thanks for the consideration.

Andy & The Rollup