VIBES idea: GearBox Monthly Financial Reports

Name : Asymmetric Defi

Project : GearBox Monthly Financial Reporting

Detailed Description of Project :
Provide Monthly Reports about the State of the GearBox DAO. The reports would include : Overview of governance votes, Revenues, Expenses, Treasury Analysis, Market Share Analysis, Macro Trends Analysis …

How will your project benefit the GearBox Ecosystem?
Inform the community about what’s going on with the DAO and how it is impacted by governance votes and crypto trends & news…
These reports will be the go to for the community to get informed about the state of the DAO similar to how investors look into financial statements to get informed about their equity investments in traditional finance.
Yes many of the figures are already available in dashboards, the goal is to aggregate what already exists, query new information if not available and produce a monthly report that will be shared here on the forum with the community.

How much are you requesting for these reports ?
12k USD (Paid in Gear or Stables) for 12 Monthly Reports (1k USD per Monthly Report)

Other Information :
Here is the report I produced for Uniswap for November.
Asymmetric Defi is both Uniswap & Aave Grantee

This is a cool proposal and great examples, thank you @adalhi. My only question / remark would be that currently DAO members create those reports as is w/o extra added costs (as it is part of the routine). Those reports are totally NOT elaborate, but they serve their purpose: transparency to all holders and everyone who wants to see the numbers. I believe more elaborate info is needed & will help understand where/how spending can be used better - but I am not sure it’s at the cost of 12K a year.

Suggestion: what if those are created per quarter, while DAO members continue creating their small monthly ones? Basically, keep the same idea but reduce frequency. 4K a year seems well worth it then. Monthly frequency at the size of Gearbox DAO now wouldn’t really be needed as there are not like 100 payments ongoing, so nothing to analyze. But per quarter - ye, would be interested.

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Thank you ivangbi for your feedback!
I can make quarterly reports for 4k/year as you mentionned. Once monthly reporting is needed, we can transition to that.

@adalhi please let this discussion continue for a few more days, many delegates & members are still afk a bit on holidays, so give them time. I removed the GIP you created (as it’s the same as this topic). Once someone will be ready to push your proposal to snapshot - this topic will simply be renamed to the correct GIP number and that’s it. No nees to create new topics separately :slight_smile:

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Hey ser @adalhi , thank you for your suggestion, it is really interesting and will probably be useful. I will support Ivan in saying that monthly reports are not as interesting for us as quarterly reports and it’s true that we don’t have 100 transactions a month and it won’t be as useful and interesting. I looked at your report for Uniswap and comparing us to them we can also understand that so far we are small compared to them. Their report looks pretty weighty, but I would like to see what you can do for us so we understand what we can get and what it would look like specifically in our example. So I would offer you a 50,000 GEAR grant from VIBES to create last year’s report and start our collaboration from there. I think at the end of the report, we can see how your data is different from what we do on our own and how useful it is. I wonder what you think about that?

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Hi @nikitakle
I can do a test report for last year at 50k GEAR as you suggested.
However, to avoid any confusion down the road, if the work is satisfactory and I come back to the community for a grant extention, the usual ask is 1k USD/report.

I would suggest to do a payment every time a report is produced. Let’s say:

  • the framework (report style & what the DAO wants to see) is agreed upon
  • you produce the output and deliver it
  • a payment is made immediately: you can decide if to peg GEAR at the time, or just use average
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Thanks Ivangbi for the suggestion
I would suggest a counter proposal : 50% upfront, 50% after completion. That way, we are taking the same amount of risk. The DAO is taking the risk of 50% the fee if the report is not produced, I am taking the risk of 50% the fee if the report is produced and the DAO doesn’t make the payment for one reason or another.

50% upfront makes sense with reputable parties or companies. In case of individual contributions, I don’t see how it is valid. The DAO can’t NOT make a payment if the proposal went through, there isn’t risk of that. So from your side, once and if the GIP passes - you are guaranteed by the vote that it will be executed.

Alright! I’ll produce the 2022 yearly report and publish it here in the forum for 50k GEAR paid by VIBES retroactively.
If the report is satisfactory, we move to a DAO vote for the grant extension, payment details will be determined then.

Sounds like a great plan! Looking forward to your report!

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You can close this topic as a GIP is no longer needed for now!